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Monday, March 17, 2008

Louder than words

Louder than words

Actions speak louder than words ! it is a universal fact, if someone keeps boasting how generous they are you don't believe them if they don't act generously, they can say it all they like but until they show it, it has no meaning what so ever. Someone can claim they are your best friend, but until they stand by your side during tough times. Its just talk and talk is cheep.

Then comes love, love relationships including marriage, is somewhat different. Talk is not cheep it's important. I claim to men and women alike, maybe to women more frequency is needed than for men, but nonetheless equally important. Don't get me wrong. No woman would believe a man when he says he loves her, when he does not show it in another way besides words. A man who beats his wife and then tells her she is his sunshine is laying, this is not what I'm talking about.

What I mean is that it's not enough to act according to your feelings towards your husband \wife \fiancĂ© … you have to voice these feelings, they need to hear them and feel them. Seeing the love in someone's eyes is amazing, but at times actions need to be further enriched with words. You can show your husband the respect you have for him in many ways, it will show in the way you talk to him, when you ask for his advice and how you talk bout him to others, but it would not hurt you if you tell him that from time to time, and at the same time you will affirm your actions and make him feel good.

See humans go through ups and downs, through happy times and sad ones, the consistency of your spouse's acts of love and respect is the safety blanket you have to shield you from the world, but during the rough times an extra boast of sweet words is essential. They don't have to be during bad times, they are equally important during good times as well; they don't have to be as frequent and as constant as our actions, but are as important.


Anonymous said...

I think there are many ways to display affection, not necessarily through words. But words do help

They give you that tingling warm feeling in your stomach. They don't even have to be true.
Sometimes we know we're being lied to, and we enjoy it just the same.

But true, our actions speak louder. But what speaks the loudest is actions AND words! Now that's the best combination :)

Ammar said...

Nice shoes!

Tayeb..mazboot actions speak louder than words, actions are meant for the heart, but we also have Ears, which are probably the second door to the heart after the eyes, the verbal display of love has its effect, its a Declaration..and declarations are best made verbally.

The First time you let someone know you love them you tell them you do, no action can replace a verbal declaration, and in return, the best present you could ever receive in your life is having the person you love telling you they love you too, no matter how long you've been togather or how much you're sure of their love.

Maioush said...

from a girl's perspective i totally agree, but in some cases words can be Way stronger than any action, i mean when you look into that person's eyes and tell them that you love them, and there is nothing on this world can change that.
when you feel the the person you love is down, there is nothing like words can left them up and make them feel better.
i agree that an action has to come with all the sweet words, but in some cases, you really can't do anything but to make them feel that we love them and we are there for them no matter what :)

Anonymous said...

very true! After marriage it wouldn't be the case of believing words, cause this had happened long time ago.. it's the next stage where you already believe your hubby and what he says.. so words become more important than ever before.. words and actions together! This is how it should be!

Tamara said...


Glad you agree, yes actions and words together is a great blessing. but we should not take into the notion that this is what should be going on day in and day out ! that way words loose they power, and at the same time they should not be rare. balance is the key


Well, no one can argue how great it is to hear these words. but I was talking about other sweet words that make a person feel special, the things we usually show with actions more so than words, I mean why would any one call a person ten times a day during the 8 hours they are not together, unless you miss them! but saying is also important.


You are so right words are very powerful, when I'm depressed about work and hubby does not have a solution to my problem, its enough to hear him say that he believes in me and that I will find a way out. See it does not need to be I love you.


You are right, you believe what ever they say, and as a matter of fact, your significant other's words have more weight that any other persons words. if he tells you that your cooking is great, then there is no meaning for any other comments you hear on the matter, and so on....