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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lost in life ...

Lost in life …

Time flies… busy lifestyle ….lots of responsibilities … fresh love …fun and sun ….travel….giving back to my kin … corporate power struggles …. Career ….friends ….family ….

The list can go on and on ….but I just realized that in this list, there is no me, there is me the friend, me the daughter and sister, there is me the wife, there is me the career woman…..but no ME ! I have been through this so many times in my life. I make my mind that I want to achieve something, or in my case so many things. And then I go through the motions, with spirit at fist …then I loose touch with my self.

Its time for me! Now, more than anytime in my life this realization, resolution and determination is vital.

I need to get back in touch with me, nurse my self, nourish my soul, take care of my brain. And get ready for the challenge to come. For this one I need to be all that I am and can be.


Anonymous said...

You need to put you at the TOP of the list!
If YOU are happy, everything else will be just fine!

Where's "YOU"?

Tamara said...

We all know we have to do that, we just sometimes confuse ourselves and our roles.

rare said...

I don’t wana to disappoint you :) But forget about having time for yourself during the summer, in summer people get busier.

Hmmm ... you can find yourself after Ramadan!
Actually, that’s my case :)