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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Back !

I can't believe it has been seven months since I have posted any thing. Life has been speeding,

and I did not have the time and at points the desire to write anything. Time has come to run a quick update and hopefully start posting regularly again.

Hmm where to start? Well the greatest news of all. Mira my daughter has been born on the 12th of Jan 09 at 20:05, I started feeling cramps from the previous day but I acted normally we even stayed out late, I had cramps that woke me up a couple of times during the night. I could not go back to sleep after fajer so I just went to the office and wrapped things up at work and handed over all the issues I was working on, well long story short I delivered Mira that night. I screamed for a c-section, kicked my doctor a few times, but eventually Mira showed up and as soon as I heard her cry for the first time I passed out !

The first week after birth with all the pain, no sleep and hormones I got a depression for about a week to 10 days. After that things started to look better and I no longer felt that my life is over.

During my maternity leave I studied for my PMP exam (Project Management Professional) and I passed from the first time! yay I'm now a mom and a PMP !!

Naturally I have been back to work for about a month now …and have just returned from Cairo ..

I have a lot more to share…. But divide them to several posts, these are just the highlights
PS: This photo of Mira is very recent from our trip to Cairo, I will post more soon


Unknown said...

YAAAAAAAY!!! Alf alf mabrook!! she looks sooo adorable mashallah:) mabrook on the PMP and for getting over yr depression:) Im so happy for you!! hamdilla 3assalameh Tamara...You've been missed...LOTS!

Tamara said...


thanks a lot she takes after her mom : ) Allah yeselmek its great to be back

Sam said...

yay welcome back...mabrook on the birth of you baby...i was wondering where u dissapeared to...u cant do that u know eh? glad u r back and everything is ok with u..:) mashallah she is adorable..5 days younger than my baby...mabrook on passing your exam..way to go!

Tamara said...

Thanks Sam : ) mabrook to you too ! feels great to be back

rare said...

Mubarak Tamara, inshalla tkon mn el sal7en wel mosle7en ... mashalla she's so cute ...
w Mubarak 4 PMP, estafdty mn wqtek mne7 ;)

looking forward reading your posts.

vagueraz said...

MabrOoooOk Tamara for MIRA & PMP ,,,

she has a nice name :)

Tamara said...


Thanks so much, and congradualtions to you on your baby : )


Allah yebarik fiki and thank you dear

Ammar said...

Oh WOW! Mashallah! alf mabrook! and sorry for being late to congratulate and welcome you back!

Tamara said...

Thanks Ammar, Allah yebarik feek : )

sheeshany said...

Kids are the joy of life for sure :).

Your daughter is so cute ما شاء الله
و الله يخليلكم إياها
و يجعلها حجة إلكم يا رب