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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Magical Moments

Magical Moments

Blessed, happy and hopeful and many many more feelings swept over me last night. I have lived through a night that is an answer to a prayer. Did you ever live in a moment like that? With singing angles, and butterflies of light hovering over and around you.

So many nights did we all pray for this moment in time, so many warm tears streamed down our checks. So many heartfelt prayers were maid. And finally the night came and the feeling is so surreal.

Two of our closest friends got married last night. At moments we thought this will never happen….but it did ! Alhamd LILAH

Light cannot be touched …happiness cannot be harvested … smiles don't have a distinct taste…yet last night so many beautiful things manifested. That I could have swore that in the air there was a blessing flouting that could be touched, smelled and maybe we had traces of it still on our shoulders when we left.

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sheeshany said...

It`s a great peaceful feeling when one knows his/her creator is near and answering prayers.

thax 4 sharing!