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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shame on you Ministry of Health

Shame on you Ministry of Health

I get really pissed when we got to Mecca Mall or City Mall and getting chocked since every one is smoking. Though in all honesty one has to say City Mall is far better than Mecca mall in that aspect. Baby Mira Hubby and I all are allergic to cigarette smoke, we don’t have a good night sleep if we inhale the smoke if cigarettes while at the mall. Living close by and the mall being stroller friendly makes it quite attractive if it was not for all the damn smoking!

I was in Syria early this week, as we always like to think we are far more modern and organized. Guess what Syria’s Ministry did a far better job than our Ministry of Health!! They informed the public about the law of banning smoking in public areas, gave seminars on the subject, and now even though the law is not fully applied yet no one is smoking in the restricted areas. I got so frustrated! We have tax laws mastered to the cent. Even though it’s a new law,Traffic violations are strictly monitored, speed traps every were. And yet there is smoking in public places were children are with no one to stop them. And we seem unable to get that done, surprise !!

I really really feel like suing the Malls and the Ministry of Health ! this is getting really frustrating.


Anonymous said...

If you dont like smoking, dont go near smokers (ie malls!!) unless you can convince us being a daily shopper in city mall and mecca mall.

kinzi said...

Tamara, what is a surprise indeed. I agree with you, laws are just not enforced here, whether smoking or driving, and it is not good for the community mindset.

(hi there! Keefik?)

Tamara said...


It does not make a differance how many times I go or why. we all have the right to a clean air to breath.


Ana Tamam al7amd lilah, inti keefek ?

I'm glad you agree :) people really need to change their mindset !!

sheeshany said...

Totally with u on this 1.
I -too- can`t have a good night sleep if I inhale that -poison-!
But well, it IS freedom afterall! WRONG.
U r not entitled to smoke bcoz u want to, u r stealing air from me, my children, and also from yr self.
Kill yr self away from me plz (at least)

Thx Tamara for this post.


Tamara said...


Glad you agree :) and you said it kill your self away from me.

Hamzeh N. said...

True, smoking is a big problem in Jordan. I wrote this a long time ago:

Anonymous said...

Well smokers also have their right, oh yes go kill your self away they know that already but why do you keep following them .. huh ?!!

If they want to force such rule they also need to create another places for them too. And BTW they make like 70% of the community .... if i was the one responsible about such rules i would start by educating then educating then educating .... not rules.

Good morning Jordan :)

The Wanderer said...

totally agree. people are just inconsiderate.

Tamara said...


Gald you passed by