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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Sorry Gaza …Sorry Palestine
Sorry for I am so busy with other things I don’t have time to care
Sorry I say it now because a week later I will forget to say sorry

See I am trebly busy and have a lot of interests and responsibilities
So I don’t have much time or interest to care about you or others like you
I will be very happy to see you happy …but I cannot help ease your pain
I live in my own air bubble so it’s very hard to understand what you are going through
See I have never been hungry unless I was preparing my stomach for a feast
I have never been cold unless I set my AC on too low
I have never been in the dark unless it was to get my beauty sleep
So you must understand why things are the way they are

While I am on the subject
Sorry mothers who have sick children without health care
Sorry crushed fathers who cannot feed their hungry children
Sorry older lonely people
Sorry Orphans
Sorry my neighbor with no roof
Sorry bear feat beggars
Sorry abused children
Sorry widows
Sorry all of you who don’t belong to my country club

Sorry I have no time to continue I’m late for my hair appointment and traffic so bad because of some demonstrations

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