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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resilience of feelings

Resilience of feelings

I am in general a very positive person and a happy one. I don’t like to be sad or upset for a long time. So naturally I look for the good and positive side of things. Since this is who I am and how I see things, I simply did not notice that, until I came in contact with the opposite. The negative people who tend to be unhappy more than happy, and see the negative sides of anything more than the positive. Some people claim they see the bright side but you can see on their faces that they don’t.

Having such a person in your life is energy draining, and difficult to handle especially if that person depends on you for emotional support. I have dealt with several people with that tendency, but not all of them are like that for the same reason, or in the same degree.

Why I’m saying that, well because if you are the positive person and someone is draining all your energy you have the right to your self to put a limit to it. And if you are the negative person you might reflect upon yourself and try to change, try not harming the people around you. If you are a mother please spare your children the trauma, if you are friend don’t abuse the friendship. And most importantly don’t abuse your self. This life will never be perfect, if you wanted 100 % of something 70% of it is still great, and more than a lot of people have.

The strange thing is that some people see their negativity as striving for perfection, or ambition or a vast knowledge, so they see other people who are happy with less, as people lacking the understanding and vision, this is why they are happy with what they have, they don’t know of anything better. That people who are working to get something better, but are happy in the process lack ambition.

I don’t want to stretch the subject….I just suggest that we all have a honest look at our selves, do you feel you are a positive person? if yes give your self examples and think deeper into it. If truly you are positive that is great for you, if no try to work on it because you have a great effect on those around you who love you and care for you, they naturally want you to be happy, and that is not easy and thus they is an emotional strain


sheeshany said...

التمسك بالإيجابيات و تعزيزها (+ نشرها) + التخلص من السلبيات و تحييدها (+ تقييدها) :)

كلامك ممتاز و موزون

أتمنى لك و للجميع حياة ملؤها الإيجابية و أن تحاطي بأناس إيجابيين

و كما يقولون

positivity is a choice after all!

و سنة 2011 سعيدة و خيّرة لك

Tamara said...

Thanks Haitham :) Happy new year to you too

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