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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Good Morning …

Open your eyes to a new day of dreams….

Sun kisses you good morning ….

Refreshing water wakes every cell of you ….

Find a sweet message on your phone ....

Fresh morning air fills you with happiness

Coffee to greet you to a new day …

A full inbox of caring friends …..

What else may you want for your mornings ?


Anonymous said...

Tamara good morning kenet 3am fattesh 3alayke waynek w i found a new post ,a sweet ,nice one
usually i hate sundays and u made my day with your post
thanks sweet lady
have a nice sunny sunday :)

Tamara said...


thanks for the kind words, I'm very glad that you liked this post : )

When I write about non-serious subjects, I usually write them for self remedy, which makes people appreciation even more rewarding .

Have a great life : D

Anonymous said...

Saba7 el full ... wil ward ... wil yasmeen ... wil banat el 7ilween :)

Tamara said...

Thanks Q : )

how are your mornings ?