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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How old is your brain ?

This time I'm not talking about the philosophical side, but the actual physical. I found this nice test given by doctors, try it is fun and informative.

Stand on one leg and close your eyes. The longer you can stand without losing your balance, the younger your brain is -- 15 seconds is very good if you are 45 or older. Have someone spot you if there's any chance you might not recover your equilibrium in time to avoid a spill.

I hold no responsibilities for physical injuries, so please be careful while trying this exercise. And I hold no responsibility for any ego injuries if you turn out to have an old brain : )

So How long did you stand ?


Anonymous said...

ya bente bala fadaye7 tle3et ana bala 3a2el :D

Tamara said...

Lol Sarah ....: )

i3tirfi 2desh wa2fti ??

Anonymous said...

2 seconds... Ayyyyy!
But I claim that I can hold it for 30 minutes ... a7san ba3dain ti7ko 3anni haik willa haik

Tamara said...

So Q you still have a young brain according to your claims ; )

I stood for a minute and then I got scared, that someone will walk into my office and see me like that one will believe that I was testing how young is my brain!! they will think finally !! a proof she is LOCO : )

Anonymous said...

ya 3amme walla i cant stand ya bente ana maridet a3sab shu bado ywa2efne hal wa2fe ente smalla 3alayke 2adda w 2doud :D

Tamara said...


Salmet 2derk 7abibti ...: )

Crazy people only will read something on the intrnet and attempt to do it ....: D

(Tealover) said...

LOL .. 22 seconds .. I guess mine is still a wild child !

very cool test Tamara :)!

Tamara said...


Great to see you in my corner again : ) don't be a stranger

So your mind is still young ..good for you : )