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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Make a difference ….

We all feel so powerless sitting in our sofas facing the TV screen, looking at the horrid images of our dying brothers and sisters. They are being killed every day in so many places, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon and the list is growing longer every day. And we are still doing what we have always done, sit in our sofas looking at the screen. Feeling sad..angry …frustrated. And then what? Nothing we grow out of it, we get used to it and go back to our lives, if we can call them lives with no dignity or freedom.

Some people or let's say most people, call on leaders and politicians to do something, take a stand with our brothers against our enemies. Personally I don't feel this will work, before you bite my head off let me explain. If the leaders of our world call upon their people "Us" to go fight, will we ? don't be so quick to judge, some will I have no doubt and I hope I will be one of them, but lets look at it this way, you will have no job and hence no income for your family and children, do you awn your home ? where are your children going to be if you leave every thing and join the army?

Now during the fighting which requires hard work, do you have training for that? Even if you did not and where assigned a no-skill assignment are you in good enough physical shape to take the hard labor involved? Or did smoking and greasy food leave you gasping for breath?

I don't want to disappoint anyone, and I'm sure not with just standing still, but I'm all for being logical and planning, so what is the solution? A strong army and trained reserve army " you and me '" but the question is how?

Total reform, once we were the most educated nation, we had the best doctors and scientists, The strongest army and economy, And now NOTHING of that. I cannot imagine having a team assigned to me at work comprised of people in bad shape , lazy, would rather read the news paper than work, smokes and is totally incompetent!! let a alone of risking my life and country by leading a whole army of this kind of people.

I wanted to write a list of things we can all do, but decided against the idea; I'm rather explaining my perspective on things, leaving the details to every one of us to see how he or she can make a difference and not just be a number.

If our society starts being more positive and taking more initiative, in our day to day lives we will be better off. If you see garbage in the street do you remove it ? do you throw things out of your car while driving because your too lazy to take to the right place, are the cameras the only thing, that is stops you from speeding and running red lights? Do you do your job with dedication or are always looking for ways to do less and get credit for more? Do you pray fajir ?

I'm talking hear of minor examples, do you take bribe money or do you give bribe? There are many many such questions, and until most of us can answer them the correct and responsible way, we will go no where !! we will keep on watching TV and looking for solutions that are not solutions , but rather hangers that we deicide to hang our defeat upon.

Each one of us can make a difference by improving one or more person we know. If you can make a difference in the society around you to the better, maybe one day we will deserve to be the winners rather than the losers. Maybe we will have a strong economy maybe we will put through politicians that are honest, not our relatives that will get us jobs and university seats….maybe one day we will clean the fungus that is killing us from within …then we will lead a victorious army and pray at the Aqsa together.

Winning is a joint effort...


The Rendezvous said...


Hey , your blog is great..

...Do you pray fajir ?
That was a very tough question..

keep it up

Tamara said...


Welcome to my corner, I'm glad you liked it.

And yes the most important questions in life are not easy to answer.