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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

One month anniversary

I have just discovered that I have been blogging for one month, I have 14 posts in one month, not bad if I may so myself : )

I still don't know how to make a photo appear in the middle of the post.

I still don't have a blog roll

I still don't have a design for my blog

Any volunteers : )

So people, do you think I should continue of just stop ? do you think its worth while ( fishing for compliments obviously, but as well seeking honest opinion )

All for now ....


Anonymous said...

Happy 1st month anniversary Tamara
akid akid dont stop blogging who said u need a design ?what counts the words,the sweet ones and u already have it all
keep the good job and ask Qwaider mine was a catastrophe and he told me how to make it better eventhough it still needs a lot :D
keep working sis ,im sure theres a lot who will wait ur news

Tamara said...

Thanks Sarah for the encouragement…

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't you dare stop... I'll hunt you down and shoot you.
Happy first month anniversary Tamara, you're one of the very few intelligent people around ... so don't quite on us ;-)

Tamara said...


Be careful flattery goes strait to my head ; )

only two people that's not good ...hmmm

Anonymous said...

its nt abt quantity its abt quality
walla la2 ? ;)

Tamara said...


3la rasi ...of course its about the quality : )

Anonymous said...

ykhallike ya RAB ya RAB :) W YESLAM RASEK 3A TOUL :D

Anonymous said...

mabrook Tamara

Tamara said...

The talented Sabri in my corner : ) I'm so flattered

and Allah yebarik feek