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Sunday, July 09, 2006

One of the colors of Silence (Blue)

Sitting in the silence, in the midst of hurricane.

Listening to the to the hallow mourning of my soul….

Listening to the weep of a baby …

Listening to the creepy silence of deaf ears

Breaking in sweat to maintain the silence

Since the words that are ours are the ones still not said.

Now did you know that one of the colors of silence is blue ?


Anonymous said...

Blue is the color of endless skies
bringing hope, love and joy
blue is the color of the deepest oceans
bringing adventure that we enjoy

life has lots of disappointments, frustrations and pain
But it also has love, happiness and hope
Don't lose hope ..

Tamara said...

I'm holding on to all the colors of my silence ...Blue and Green .some times even yellow

I'm holding on to all the colors and tastes of my smiles and joys as well...

I never lose hope, but some times feel too much.

But I warned you all I'm simply marvelous with a TWIST : )

Anonymous said...

As long as your Twist is not painful (much) then bring it on little girl ... bring it on

Tamara said...

My twists are great according to the people who know me in person, if any one wants to do something crazy they call me : ) yesterday was a particularly go crazy evening !! I like surprising people and in many cases I'm totally unpredictable ….

But you guys get only the written twists of my mind..Hope that’s not too painful …..When it gets too painful and\or strange let me know: )

Hmmmmm come to think of it, strange choice of words painful !?

Anonymous said...

;) just be gentle ... ya3ni .. a little pain is OK :D but not too much ;)

Tamara said...

Well I will consider it : ) but for a moody person it is difficult to make that promise : )

Keep the Faith ...