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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Prince Charming

I have noticed in my self and many of my friends that we are looking for prince charming, some in different ways than others. We have grown up listening to the stories of Cinderella and Snow-white, believing that there is this prince charming that will come one day on a white horse to our rescue.

Some are looking for prince charming that will be a "Prince" financially speaking and rescue the poor "Cinderella", so she is still waiting and believing that one day a prince charming will come along, with his palace and white BMW. She cannot see a solution to her problems which may not be financial at all, the only thing that will make things better is the prince in shining armor that will rescue her from the dragon.

On the other hand other ladies are looking for the other side of prince charming, a prince that knows all the right things to say, the prince that will come in a romantic way, the hope of happily ever after. the prince that will not give up to obstacles…even the ones she sets before him.

On some level all women and girls are looking for their prince charming, and we are somewhat disappointed in the less theatrical proposals and beginnings, without at many occasions knowing that we are looking for the stories that we have grew up dreaming about. I guess we grew up and the dream did not subside ….it grew with us

We are still awaiting prince charming to come and to be all that we have dreamed of and to live a story of our own. Which contradicts in many cases with the reality of things, that no one is perfect, we are not in a story, we are in the real life that has challenges, and we have to have a hand in things, we will have to make some compromises, there is no perfect prince charming that will come with all the solutions.

We have to work for the happily ever after part….but still the hope of prince charming is still much alive as ever.


Diana Joy said...

AMEN!! Nothing in life comes easy...
I have 7 daughters and only one has finally accepted that her husband is the Prince she was looking for. (Only after he has stayed committed to her for 5 years and through the birth of 2 children).....
Life is never simple....
I have children from many different situations and I teach them all what I have learned growing up.
Which is:
When you get knocked down,
Get back up...
Brush yourself off...
And get moving again...
Now help someone else who has just been knocked down.
Then perhaps they will help you when you fall again.
I just realized I was going on and on!!
Do you ever wonder why you say the things you do?
Diana Joy

Tamara said...


First thanks for your visit to my corner, I hope you keep on visiting.

As for the subject, I guess some of us need more time than others to realize that what they have been looking for is what they have ! and in many cases that prince charming may come in a different shape than what we have been day dreaming about.

I do all the time wonder why I say some things and in many times why I feel in a certain way take a lot of thinking to know who we are the rest of the world is then a piece of cake ..I hope : )

Anonymous said...

I like the Arabic version more, "Sit El Hoson", and "El Shater Hasan". In which HE looks for his Princess charming and not the other way around

Before any person looks up to say, I deserve this, and I'm waiting for that they really need to take a long critical look at themselves. Are they worthy enough? What makes them special? What distinguishes them from ALL the fish in the sea? In both examples you gave (Snow White and Cinderella) they ware nice, really nice!
Life is not a fairy tale, for all we know the toad you're kissing might be too good for you

(Tealover) said...

Tamara .. I have to say .. you sometimes speak out my mind .. and speak it out loud :) ..

Every time .. when a bunch of my single female friends gather .. the subject of prince charming /sha6er 7asan (Qwaider's version) comes up .. we had set the dreams long time ago .. since childhood as you said .. but as years pass by .. our terms get even harder , until we pass a certain age , and that's when terms ease up .. We all started the actual dream right after graduation.. and less than perfect was never a choice .. but perfect definition changes from one year to another .. we simply become pickier .. and that's why we shut all open doors because the view isn't perfect .. however, as much as we get strict about certain things .. is as much as we start revising them and prioritizing the MOST important off the list .. and we all hope for this guy who would meet at least the first 10 priorities topping our list .. and we hope if its easy and effortless from our side .. or this .. might be just me ..

I don't know .. I guess I have drifted to other points , that are still connected to the main core of your post .. I enjoyed reading it :)

Tamara said...


In both my examples HE is the one who did all the work, Cinderella had only to show up at the castle looking her beautiful self, he did the rest of the work, which was my point ladies don't give an effort in many cases to get to know the person deeper than the obvious.

And I do believe all people are special and they are distinguished, the issue is to match two people who will be in sync. Not too equally special people. And maybe the toad is a prince who only needed someone too see farther than the exterior to reveal the prince : )


I guess all ladies think alike in some aspects : ) True when very young we have a long check list for prince charming, as we grow up we reorganize the list and maybe omit some conditions that were set in stone, I believe this is a sign of maturity. As we grow up we know our selves more and we understand life better, so our criteria is more mature, we look for the really important qualities.

Anonymous said...

Naah .... nnot all people are special... many are just like fillers.. they taste like ..bleh! like...hmmm Tofu, or boiled rice ... only few taste really like spice... and even fewer are honey and spice...
I would rather be eating honey-and-spice with a lot of chili-peppers

Tamara said...


You have to take into consideration the differences between people, to you some one could be Honey- and –Spice to another person she is only tofu. So in that aspect I say that all people are special, and in Arabic we say….
كل فوله و إلها كيال

This makes prince charming an illusive term.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately you are right , we are living in reality not in a fairy tale.

I have always dreamed of superman , he was my childhood hero and this dream was growing up with me , ok it became more realistic "I didnt want him to fly" but still he was perfect in mind and heart!
Now before i think of my prince i think of myself ... sho ana bastahal?!!!

But as you said we will never stop dreaming of our prince charming :)

Tamara said...

Welcome ya 7ala to my corner

Girl I say we should never stop looking for prince charming, we just need to re-define him that's all : D