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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Refresh your spirit

Make today the day you do something you have never done before, our days pass by in routine what ever that maybe, and no matter how busy and hectic your life is. Most of us spend days and weeks and some times even years never doing something out of the ordinary. this will slowly but surly kill your spirit.

I call on you to do something that you haven't ever done before or have not done in a long long time. Something that you love, or have loved and forgot that you have loved once, or one of your dreams that help you fall asleep at night, and the idea that helps you through the gray days.

Why don't we all put a list of those things and start doing something new every week at least. When was the last time you drove all the way to Madaba to eat at Haret Jdudna. Or when did you last watch the sun rise in the morning.

It maybe different from one person to another, for me its when did I last hold a painting brush in my hand. Too long I tell since my last art work. It maybe something big or something small, but I promise it will lift your sprits.

The other day I went out with my friend and we did a couple of strange things. Which was fun a great go-crazy evening. It felt so refreshing so I thought I must think of one thing every week, that I did not do in a long time or ever for that matter and go and do it.

I wish you all a fulfilling life : )


Anonymous said...

Laaa ... oo faylasoofeh kaman!

Tamara said...

What do I say ...thanks, I guess


Osaid Rasheed said...