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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Crying has always been a subject that I was not too comfortable with. It seems that some long time ago I was told that crying is for the weak, and somehow I managed not to cry in public. now I know that this is not correct and that you need to be very brave to be able to cry, especially in public.

That is no longer the issue, because in time I became accustomed to not crying almost at all, and the problem was when I really really needed to shed a few tears and get it out of my system, it became a Herculean task !

In time again I have learned to cry, mostly in prayer " Salah" or when reciting the holly Qura'an, but still I'm working on getting that capability again in full mode, because I felt that its taking a physical materialization effecting my health, I get back pains, headache and even stomach aches, in addition to other physical manifestations of stress or sadness, every time When I hold any of these feelings in.

Today I got this message from RealAge, and it confirms that its healthy to shed a tear from now and then. I found it interesting ….hope you do too.

Don't hold back the tears. According to the RealAge doctors, a good cry now and
then may do a body good. Just as sweat removes salt, urine removes waste, and
mucus traps bacteria, tears also serve a purpose. Emotional tears -- shed in
moments of intense feeling -- carry stress hormones and are a way of getting rid
of them. Even if crying embarrasses you, it signals that you've reached a level
of stress that's detrimental to your health. So let it out.

body makes several kinds of tears:
Basal tears are produced continuously to keep your eyes lubricated;
that layer of moisture also helps prevent damage from air currents and bits of
floating debris.
Irritant tears are produced when the eyes
are hit by flying sand, grit, insects, etc.
Emotional tears
are released in moments of intense feeling -- sometimes joy, but more often
sorrow. Unlike basal or irritant tears, which are protective, emotional tears
are hormonal and chemically different

All for now ....


(Tealover) said...

Tamara ..
crying wont solve things .. but it is a relief .. an escape!
lets say from my personal experience you tend to feel much much better afterwards. crying while reading Qura'an or during a prayer is induced by the hope and fear from Allah.. however, crying when you are in distress , is something totally different. I have to say .. when I am chocked with something , it keeps on building up inside me , that it eventually causes all of those effects you've mentioned the internal pains plus skin irritation .. but once i am fed up and cannot breathe anymore , I leave myself to be swept away with my emotions and i cry , i cry hard sometimes , remembering all the things that distresses me about that specific thing .. but for some -God knows what -reason , afterwards , the loads that had built up the previous days , are slighlty removed , I get clearer mind and a bigger hreat to start fresh again and think better..

try it sometime.. it does help

on the other hand.. crying in private is better .. crying in public is .. somehow absurd , unless if it's affected by a well known reasons for people around .. after all that's my personal point of view ..
Finally , May Allah bless with health & happiness always :)

Tamara said...

Danah Dear ...

I've missed you, how are ?

As for the crying in prayer and reading qura'an, I usually turn to prayer when I feel bad and I pray Allah to help me and I cry then from the pain or sadness or what ever reason, and the same goes for Qura'an

As for cryig in publi ...well I don't mean in the street or a café, I meant in front of people family or friends ...

I'm trying to learn how to cry to relive the emotions build up inside of me ...and now there is a scientific explanation why we feel better after we cry...

I wish you only happy tears : )

(Tealover) said...

I've missed as well :)Tamara ..

I'm doing okay .. a little bit detached from my internet world lately.. trying to sort out few things in my life

Thank you for the sweet wishes :)

Anonymous said...

I like your way in analyzing the feeling of the thought you have!
In this post and others,you pointed out what we feel and yet fail to see.
thank you tamara.
You are an addition ,no doubt..and without any fazlaka!

Anonymous said...

HI Tamara :)
long time we didnt communicate and here i am following ur new posts and reading them one by one
was an interesting post coz it has opposites
you never liked to cry and here ur ,ur facing troubles to cry and having information abt the benefits of crying
u know what ,GOD didnt create something just for nothing crying is a very good relief from stress and pain,and it was never an escape from a situation even though others see it like that i think whats count most is that what u really think :)
i liked the way u treat the post Tamara ,actually i miss ur posts :)
be fine ,leave u in peace

Tamara said...


Welcome to my corner I'm glad you have enjoyed, please don't be a stranger : D And thank you for your kind words


Ya Ahleen o sahleen nawarti

I've missed you, I hope you and your family are well

We learn a new thing every day and what we see as odd or wrong one day, we may grow up to see the best thing ever, I guess its part of our life growing and learning. Crying is one of these things for me that I did not appreciate but have learned the value of recently.

And of course Allah did not create any thing without a reason.we just sometimes don't get it ...

Arab Lady said...

Actually I don’t like crying in front of others but that doesn’t mean not 2 cry behind our closed doors or under the bed sheet lol

Good post indeed

Tamara said...

Arab lady

Glad you liked it : ) and I agree we need our privacy when we are vulnerable.