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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Best relationship ….

What is the best relationship you have? I hear people saying Mom, Dad, my wife\ husband, well you will name who you will, and some will name objects like books, my camera or what ever object related to their passion in life. I ask you why did you name that person or that thing as the best relationship you have?

Are they there for you always? I mean at any time like 24\7 ? Do they help when you need help no matter What? Do they have your best interest at heart and actually what they assume your best interest is actually that ? if you misbehaved with them will they take you back ? what if you misbehaved 10 times will they still do ? do they know you ? I mean really know you ?

I can ask relationship questions all day, I have had some great relationships in my life, built on love and respect, but still they were never perfect, well since simply we as people are not perfect by any chance. But the one and only perfect relationship we all have and share is our relationship with Allah.

He is there for us all the time and hears our prayers all the time, I was just thinking about this yesterday, he hears my prayers no matter what time I decide to pry and has promised to answer them, It does not make a difference if at the same time another person somewhere else was making a prayer. no matter how many bad deeds did we make but when we decide to go back to him he will accept us and forgive. This is why I tell you this is the best relationship in the world, I can name a lot more reasons, and so can all of you.

This is what gives me a sense of security and strength even in the darkest of nights, even where there seems to be little or no hope, I ask him and he answers me, it may not be what I exactly asked for but I know for certain its for my best. And the best thing I need not explain my problem or desire to him because he know all, and thus he will never understand me wrong or punish me for something that I did not do.

Al7amd lak ya Allah anak anta rabi wa la rab siwak"

All for now ….


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Tamara,
I hope you did not forget to make du3a2 for me like I asked you efore you left for Umrah.
Kul 3am wanti wal3a2ila alkareema bekhair.
Just re-edit the last sentence in your
post above. Have a great day1

Anonymous said...

Tamara ..
that was a good post .. its very true .. only Allah can hear our prayers with no judgment or interruptions .. only him can give the full andpossible and wanted answer , or at least can choose the best answer for our prayers ..

Tamara said...


da3eet la kol ili talabu mini : ) Thanks for pointing out the mistakes I made, I did go back and edit the post.


I'm glad you agree : ) Danah what's wrong with you blog ??

I had a problem a couple of days ago with my blog, I could not view it but I could post on it, so I went and re-published it, and Tdda ! back on-line : ) I'm not sure if this will help but just in case its the same problem.

Anonymous said...

:) thanks for your concern Tamara .. yes , I am facing a problem viewing it , I can post and publish , but unfortunately cannot view it ! I upgraded to Blogger Beta a month a go , and I no longer have the republish option :( ..

I have contacted blogger team , hoping this is a mild problem that will resolve soon .. inshallah ..

Tamara said...

Inshala dear : ) can't wait to read your new stuff