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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Talk about a bad week, I'm in training all through the week and at the same time I have to do my regular work even though I'm at training for eight hours every day. Well to be honest if my company was not trying to turn me into an accountant against my will! I wouldn't have complained believe me. But instead of hiring a finance person at the office they had me do it, it started out fairly simple and they gradually complicated the damn thing, to the point that I'm doing now what any accountant with a BA in accounting would have been doing. The only issue here is that I did not study finance. But that did not stop them.

I guess that is life it pushes you into directions you did not plan for, you want to hear a funny thing, I got some of the concepts faster than finance managers and senior accountants, seems either I'm a genius or that since it’s an accounting software and I'm the second youngest person in the room I was more in my turf " personally I prefer the first choice"

Tamara's Corner
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Another frustration is Jordan Planet, they have added me as a citizen, a link to my blog is there on the planet citizens list, yet there is no feed from my blog, my posts seem not to show on the planet, and every time I get this message, when I check to see if they have posted any thing for me, I go NUTS !! can any one help, and yes I did email the support people there no response yet.

Bottom line, I have been working non-stop for the last 14 days, no weekend ..having most of my meals with colleagues or bosses, the first to get to the office the last to leave and I cannot see the end of my piled up work, EHH and not having feed from my blog on JP, well that just sucks

All for now .....


Anonymous said...

Allah ya3teeki el 3afyeh!
JP have been facing some problems. So go easy on them a little bit. Good thing, you've been showing just fine on QP :)

Tamara said...

Allah Ye3afeek Q

I'm OK with giving JP time, I just want to know if the problem is from my blog or from their end, since all of the people added with me at the same time are showing just fine ...

Al7amd lilah for QP, sho kona 7ane3mal bidonak ya Q : D

Anonymous said...

Hey tamra , take it easy , everything will pass and 2omoorek 7ateb2a 3al el 3al , just give it some time ! And good luck !


Tamara said...

Dar - Thanks for your kind words, I sure hope you are right.

Anonymous said...

Missed u tamara:)
salam allah 3alayke..
All passes and all is well..insha2 allah..
I've been having the same work load but a couple bad weeks passed and all is fine now thank allah..about planets...well, earth seems just fine;):D:D

Tamara said...


Wa 3aleikom alsalam sweetie, I'm sure it will pass but I's so tired.

As for JP Allah yeraje3hom plisalameh, for now we will be Planet Earth citizens nothig wrong with thant : )

Arab Lady said...

Ah some doses of depression!…well Tamara try ur best to enjoy wut ur doing..ah its life… whenever I go for an interview and have a look at the JD…its like 10 positions in 1… …cheer up…it’s a chance to show them how multi-tasking women are ;D

Anonymous said...

Woow .. so the frustration part seems to infect more than one around here :) ..

I hate long working hours and trainings that keps me out home for long .. I feel disconnected from the outer world and my own world !

I hope this course will end soon and you'll be having more time for yourself soon :)
take care

Tamara said...

Arab lady, your right Job descriptions have this nice last line (Other responsibilities as assigned)!! This little line may have hell behind it believe me. Beats not having a job though


You have nailed it, I feel like I'm detached from the whole world ! for two weeks I wake up early go to work, stay there till late get back home change into my PJs and go to sleep !! uhg I think I'm back to the land the of the living now : )

Anonymous said...

Welcome back :)