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Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Omrah ….

As you know I was away on "Omrah" and a long vacation, the longest I have ever taken, this is why I had the long leave balance. So I took a couple of weeks away from every thing and then I traveled to KSA for "Omrah".

You cannot imagine traveling that long of a distance, dealing with a travel agent and not facing problems, aggravations and disappointments. But no matter what you are happy smiling and just feel that your soul is light.

I had the best time in " Madenah Monwarah" if you have ever been there you must have felt the magic of that place, you cannot simply wipe of that silly smile you have on your face all the time. And no need to tell you how glorious the Haram Al Madani is. Its beautiful serene though full of millions of Muslims, clean , organized and even cool with abundant supply of zamzam water. At one point I laid on the carpets and looked to the beautiful roof thinking I'm here …I'm really hear !

Walking through the streets of Madina you cannot help thinking that on these same grounds did Profit Mohammad walk and his companions; this is where it all happened, an amazing and humbling feeling.

Mecca is another story, true the nature of the place and the people is not as serene as in Madina but still once you walk into the Haram and look at the Kaabah your heart flies with joy. The acts of Omrah took about 2 hours to finish despite the millions of Muslims there, amazing I have never seen as much people as I have seen there.

The cherry on top of the cake was, the 29th night of Ramadan in Mecca and finishing of Quraan, and the amazing Do32 of sheikh Sodais, it was simply touching, the next day it rained in Meccan! I could not believe my eyes rain in Mecca, I felt that hopefully this is a sign from Allah that our prayers from the previous night will be answered.

All in all it was an amazing trip and very cleansing to the soul. And defiantly some good shopping in Jedda : ) you know the chromosome X thing we cannot help our selves.

All for now


Anonymous said...

Alf mabroook :D

Me said...

Al Hamdulillah 3ala Essalameh and alf Mabrouk al Omra.
i did not know that Zamzam water is availabe also in Al Madina Al Monawwara.

Anonymous said...

Hamdellah 3ala salemtek w 3omra ma2boule ya rab :),allah yberek fike w ya3tike 3ala 2ad neytek w a7san
mabrouke ya rab
leave u in peace ,im sure ur heart is full of it now :)

Anonymous said...

Inshallah taqaballah Allah :)


Anonymous said...

Taqaballah Allah ta3atkom Tamara :) .. I hope all your prayers get answered inshallah ..

It was so wonderfull reading your personal thought of your trip to the Holy lands ..

I heard about the difference in ppl's attitude between Mecca and Madina before :) sub7an Allah !

Its amazing how you put it "Walking through the streets of Madina you cannot help thinking that on these same grounds did Profit Mohammad walk and his companions" .. it is indeed :) ..

I am really happy for you for having this vacation , your words are shining somehow :)

Tamara said...


Allah yebarik feek o 3o2balak : )


Allah Yesalmek ya rab, and yes they have zamzam water is available all the time : ) inshala you will go an see for your self


Allah yesalmk ya rab, o 3o2balek, thanks really for your kind words


Allah yebarek feek


Mina wa minkom inshala, thank you for your kind words, I actualy thought that the post is badly written...glad I could convey the feeling.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and may Allah accept your good deeds Tamara.

Madinah is as romantic as it is magical, you truly feel vividly surrounded by the oozing tranquility of this city, i a true mystical manifestation of the prophet's -pbuh- prayer of a perpetual blessing of this city.

Mecca on the other hand is too contemprary, too congested, too commercial and have little ambience from its past, i can hardly feel myself being at the grounds were the prophet -pbuh- and his companions were, more of that was felt in Madinah. But its relatively true that once you're in the Haram area, it's much more comfortable and calm.

Tamara said...

Thanks for passing by and for your nice wishes : )

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love "Madina" I wish I can live there ...