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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stuffing my face !!

I just can't stop stuffing my face, my pants started to loose the wiggle room, which by the way I had to work hard for. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. My brother says I have no will power! Very true

8:00 cheese sandwich in one hand steering wheel in the other
9:00 Coffee and cookies and keyboard ( well if any thing I'm multitasking!!)
12:30 KFC snack box
17:30 Apple Bees lots of food huge portions …then to seal the deal Triple chocolate meltdown absolutely to die for, and of course no room for air even !!

This is only yesterday, but this has been going on for two weeks. I'm even afraid to weigh myself!! So now some one will think why are you posting this?? Simply so I will embarrass my self into a diet. So please no sweet comments only nasty ones to push me back on the diet wagon.

OMG this is my 50th post and I'm talking about how fat I am!! well happy 50th post to me …

All for now ….


and life goes on... said...

i've been feeling this way a lot lately.. I just can't stop eating :S and the guilt feeling makes me eat even more.. so i guess the best thing is not to feel guilty and enjoy it!!!

Tamara said...

And life goes on ..

Thanks for passing by my Corner : )

I KNOW !! isn't just great, you eat too much feel guilty and eat to feel better about your guilt for eating too much ...its one vicious cycle ...egh that's it back to salad for me !!

Anonymous said...

Tamara, This is normal for your body to react to winter season thats coming, so stay away from Fats
because thats where most ur calories come from, and eat lots of fruit and veggies. Try sleep early too so ur body can burn some while sleeping. Drink lots of water , you may have to visit the rest room a lot, but its worth it.

Finally break all of that with a Banana split and gain all of what youworked hard for during the week...yummy lol
By the way I don't know why i remember Tamriyeh every time i visist your strange!

Anonymous said...

LOL .. fa2a3teeny do7ok Tamara ..
you know what .. this was the exact case with me during Ramadan and even after.. until 2 weeks ago .. i7em .. some of my winter cloths did not fit me anymore .. and that was IT !! I had to start a diet .. go back to gym and kick a** ..
my colleagues order snacks and I struggle the temptation.. my weak point is chocolate .. especially in winter .. Argh ... " I can smell Gerard's hot chocolate with marshmallows now !"

Anonymous said...

wallah if you didnt eat after 17:30 then i think its fine , but if you did eat after what you mentioned then hai mushkeleh :)

Aham shi ma takly fi ellail w kol shi bedall mashi ok :)

ya binty sa7tain 3ala albek , fatra w bet3addy w el7ayah fiha eshya kteer tsed elnefs so dont worry hehehe kidding :)

Tamara said...


Thanks for the encouragement ! banana split vs. . salad hmmm I think salad " will power "

Lol you remember tamryeh, I guess its because I'm so sweet: ) not because of my name. tamryeh reminds me of tawjihi but that a whole other story


I'm back on track ...I think !! I do need to refocus glad you are able to, but my trick for dieting since I love munchies is to bring a big bag of veggies, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and sweet pepper, this way I can eat all day calorie free


Are you kidding eating after the meal at apple bee's not humanly possible !! I guess there is an up side to this eating thing, I don't eat after five or six in the evening I may have a cup of green tea only to relax before bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Nice to celebrate your 50th posts, I think It has distinctive flavor ;)

Regard diet, mmm I noticed recently also that I have to control my food system, I think it's not right to quit suddenly, the most important have eveything u like but with less quantities y3ni bla Snickers everyday 5aliha 3 times a week, have your meal as usual but without bread or rice, If u felt hungry don't jump to supermarket buying sweets,biscuits,candy or cake as I used to do( leave ur drawe at office empty is so important too)! go to fruit seller jebi apple & Orange, fill ur refregirator ( shu had tallaje 2ashal ;) ) with juice, w jebi 5obz 2ame7 mn el sufara koli janb green salad dish.

shu had 7aket kteer ;) good luck

Tamara said...

Red rose

welcham welcham at my corner : )

Thanks for the great advise, I'm a diet and nutrition Guru, but self control is the issue : ) may Allah help us all..

Thanks for congratulating me on my 50th post: ) seems I mention diet and every one forgot about the 50th post...

Anonymous said...

LOL .. very true :) ..
3o2bal el el post el 100 o men ba3do el 1000 kaman ;) ..

Tamara said...

Thanks danah - Have a nice weekend : )

Anonymous said...

I wanted to congratulate you on the 50th aniversary but I was hesitant because I know women are sensitive on aging, even their blogs :)
since They congratulate you and it passed I will congratulate you now
3qbal el 100 ba3dain bastana 3ala 1000 (benjis ennabadh)

Arab Lady said...

eno sortik mni7a mish fat kteer ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry .. mabrook w inshallah el3omor kollo la ur blog :)

Mala2e6 said...

hello Tamara

we pass through some days when we really feel we need to eat rather than will pass..just stop feeling guilty coz guilt takes away all the fun and you'vealready eaten so whats the point feeling guilty?

i will be back to read some more of ur topics..happy 50th topic and many more to come

Anonymous said...

I face exactly the opposite! I WANT to eat more.. Im kind of thin and i want to gain more kilos badly :s i think il use ur food schedule.. heheh :) BTW, nice blog :):D

Tamara said...


Thanks, I did not expect to reach the 50th post, Allah yostor 3l 100 : )

Arab lady

Thanks green is my color ; p


Allah yebarek fiki


Thanks for visiting my corner, don't be a stranger : D

I agree we should enjoy the food we indulge in, but I'm not stressing over the fact I'm just trying not to let it happen again !

Curly wurly

Welcome to my corner, I hope to see you here always : )

Please be my guest, you can use the nice diet plan I have here I'm sure it will help you, but if not let me know I have great nutrition advice I can help you with : )

Anonymous said...

hi, can you please contact me

Anonymous said...

Hey Tamara .. I was wondering , are you planning to go to the JP meeting ?
didn't have your email .. so this was the easiest way to ask :)!

Tamara said...

Hi Danah

Your the second person to ask me this today, I don't know I was not planing to, I sure would like to meet you but I'm not sure what do the meetings look like.

Are you going ?

Anonymous said...

I have not set up my mind .. but I to was asked if I was going to attend ..
I think it will be fun to meet many other bloggers , but I too feel hesitant ..

haven't really made up my mind :S !