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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A dose of me …

So I have been tagged by mala2e6, I don't have a good track record with tags, I actually only answered one I think so far. But since this one goes with the theme of my blog of self discovering, here goes nothing

The Tag is write five things people do not know about you. Well I think bloggers don't know a lot about me, but here goes nothing.

1- I hate (Jawafeh) and (Zahra)
2- I cannot carry a tune
3- I love Salt and salty food, I add quite a bit salt to my food
4- I get really cranky if I don't have enough water during the day or not enough sleep during the night.
5- I have a hard time remembering people's names, but I can remember the faces of people I went to KG with.

I actually rewrote the list a few times, I had like 13 things on the list and I deleted things that I thought were too personal or quirky or points that look like bragging.

I here by tag:

Red Rose


Anonymous said...

Tamaraaaaaaaaaa..what a tag..;(

I try to answer you with the next comming two days..

I couldn't stand Zahra also ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks tamara .. wallah ana e3tazalt eltags min fatra but I will see ..
eza l2eet shi me7rez aktobh I will bs eza ma l2eet bedek tsam7eeny fih :)

Tamara said...

Red Rose

I'm waiting : )


I too don't answer all tags I get, unless I have something new to add, so I totally understand : )

Mala2e6 said...


i love jawafah..ok with zahra.

about salty food,well me too,so check ur blood pressure you'll find out it is on the low side and thas why u need salty foods..(happened to me)

you could have written all the things meen 2al you have to stick to the tag..wella a2olek..khalas..i will give u 10\10

since i tagged you then i will grade you..:D

thanks alot tamtam for answering the tag it was fun to read

Anonymous said...

Inshallah soon :) ... I hate tags :(

Tamara said...


Thanks for the grade, and I actually do have a naturally low blood pressure : ) the 13 points would have been too much of a strong Tamara dose ; p


No one really loves tags but they are kind of fun and challenging, to do something so common in a non-common way, lets see if your up for it : )

Anonymous said...

Tamoura..could I reply to your tag there? Or I've to post about it individually ;(?

Tamara said...

Red Rose

As you like dear : ) keef ana ma3ek ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tamara :) .. I've been tagged the same by you and Summer .. and I had to overcome that lazines of blogging I've been having for a while .. tga is answered ..

and I hate eating jawafeh too !

Tamara said...


Welcome back : ) I'll go and read your post.

Anonymous said...

ما لا تعرفونه عن.....عني

1.I don’t like people who are trying to have a look at my PC to watch what I’m checking..Be polite..Civilized..Adult..for the sake of god… I see you!

2. I couldn’t stand smoking smell at all! Milk products also..NO WAY.. cheese..labaneh..yes including mansaf even.
If you like to drive me crazy in 5 seconds eat carrot or cucumber beside me!

3.I felled in love only once before three years ,I was 20. I thought it’s real love but unfortunately I realized it was fake, immature feelings. We were too different even we couldn’t be friends. The secret there I was the initiative! Well, I have sincere feelings ..respect it and expressed it..crazy I was ;)Healthy slap indeed it was.

4.I worked during my university study as private tutor for children , lovely awesome experience it be independent a little could be devils or angels and they’re smarter than any expects..I miss these days now a lot.

5.I’m talking to myself in loud voice ..even while walking in the street! No I don’t walk while I’m sleeping ;)

6.I’m Manal..I don’t have third leg ;)

Tamara said...

Red rose

Thanks for answering the tag : ) I give you 10 for originality

1- Me too I hate that, or when someone reads in my newspaper from behind me !!

2- Agree with all, but I LOVE all dairy products

3- I hope you will find you true love soon

4-Good for you that you can teach, I would go crazy in a day, but I love kids I'm a great play mate : )

5- Good for you, I have a friend that talks to herself in the mirror, I admit I talk to myself some times.

6- So your name is manal, do you like us to call you manal or red rose ?

Anonymous said...

also i talk to miror ..I have miror door oppisite my office so I do that also..

call me whatever you like..Manal is ok a2rab maybe ;)

Anonymous said...

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