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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fellow Humans

I was doing my early morning shopping today. I like going to the grocery store before work, I buy the things I need to have in my office in the way of healthy snacks and even lunch, any way that’s another issue for another time.

I pick up some fruit and take it to be weighed, so I say good morning to the employee who is doing the weighing, and he was surprised that I said any thing to him, later on at the cash register I'm unloading my things and I say again good morning to the cashier, he as well gave me this shocked look ! the sad part is that a lot of people treat these people as though they don't exist.

When was the last time, you looked the valet in the eye and said thanks as you tipped them, when was it that you looked the waiter at the restaurant in the eye while making your order or when they place the food in front of you, instead of saying thanks while looking at the food or your company. Don't forget the door man, security people, the newspapers sales man at the traffic light.

I'm sure that most of us, most of the time, do look them in the eye and treat them like a fellow human, but this is kind of a reminder so we don't forget.

All for now …


Anonymous said...

Well said Tamara. But I feel that it's only in Jordan are mean to each other like that. Frankly Tamara, this is the case here in the US, everyone looks you in the eye and says good morning if you forgot to greet them first. People in general are courteous here.
But I always do that in Jordan, made people roll eyes in disbelief most of the time.

I think more people need to take your advice and actually live it every single day

Tamara said...

I hope people will start treating each other as equals, and I'm very sad that things are better in the states than they are in Jordan in any thing that is moral...very sad for us

Anonymous said...

:) Nice post Tamara .. I felt a blast of kindness coming out from its words ..

I think yes , in many occasions we miss that human touch , where we deal on the same level ,one of the things could be that people here are programmed to think that those who are founded on such spots are their to "serve" them , so they neglect the part where they should show courtesy and being friendly , but they seem to forget that they serve them by their own free well.

A thing that I can never forget is how people in different parts of Europe , would greet each other for the slightest eye contact anywhere , in the street , on the supermarket and smile in your face , without any previous knowledge of you , but here we seem to avoid the eye contact , which is many cases here is a trouble initiator ..

Tamara said...


I'm glad you liked the post : )

you are right, avoiding eye contact is a sign of a real problem, whoever does not make eye contact, with the people in posts such as we mentioned, has a high risk of being a snob!! I wish all people will reconsider their actions.

And here you go all of the world is being kinder than we are!

Anonymous said...

Inferiority Complexes some people have aside..being nice to people..all people..will come back and serve you..God is do will be way..somehow.

Anonymous said...

It is sad indeed.. and you know what? I dont think it is only a Jordan problem.. even here people dont really pay attention to others who they consider form lower classes or something..

Thanks for the post :)

Tamara said...


well said people with inferiority complex feel the need to prove that they are better that the rest so that they will feel adequate usually they do that by being obnoxious! and yes what goes around comes around


I hope this will be changed all over the world, we need more respect for others and kindness

Anonymous said...

Yes Tamara, good point to be mentioned..once I pick up a cab..I greet the driver..ya3teek el 3afiyeh with a smile appreciated his service offer to people..most of them show surprise..imagine one asked me..Do u live in Jordan since long time???

I think It's part of family raising parent always assert that you have to greet our neighbour, newspaper seller, baker..etc even If you don't like them or they don't reply warmly as you..

Tamara said...

Red Rose

I agree,upbringing has a great influence on every aspect in our character.