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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I know I have not been the best blogger, I sometimes don't comment on all your posts, sometimes I write stupid posts – if not all the time-. I don't make enough effort to follow more blogs than I do. But despite all of that I hope you will find it in you heart to help me with something : )

I have 72 posts in about 8 months, that is about nine posts a month which I think is not a bad average, considering that I had a month with only one post ! and being still a beginner in blogging. I did a simple division of my topics, general and personal and it’s about a 50-50 split. I know I can make a better effort and divide them in more categories, but I did a simple one for now.

Twenty eight more posts and I will reach the 100 posts mark ! till that comes I'm taking a closer look at things and your feed back will be greatly appreciated.

If possible answer the following questions :

1- which was your favorite post ? why ?
2- what do you think about the corner ?
3-What's the worse thing about the corner ?
4- What type of subjects would you like me to write about?
5- What do you thing about my writing style? Language used ?
6-advise you would like to give me.
7- Did I ever provoke you to look at a subject in a new light ? did you ever read a useful thing here?

I know this might be a bit time consuming for you, but please this will help me in the next stage. Even if after a month you get the time to answer them its never too late, if you can answer only one or two that fine as well.

I know this looks really close to fishing for compliments, but I'm not looking for them, I'm looking for constructive criticism and advice from all of you mighty bloggers. Don't get me wrong I will not refuse compliments : )

Thanks in advance : )


Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Hi Tamara :) well i want to tell u that ur blog is great and i used to read it before i even had my own. I personally think ur blog rocks. :)

Anonymous said...

ooh , it's really need time !! thought i sdidt all your post ..

hmm well see what i can answer


Tamara said...

Mrs al ramahi

Thanks for the sweet words : ) I would appreciate it if you can answer some on the questions, so that I can improve my blog, thanks


I know sorry, please take some time even if its a couple of answers : )

Anonymous said...

You know Tamara, from the first time I waltzed into your blog, I knew something was promising about you, I'm still waiting ...
Yalla!! Don't ruin it by just trying to rationalize everything ... just pour your heart out ..

Ammar said...

Never care what people think, to be more what you like..your blog is your place..your "corner" in this big road show..never ask people what they think about what you write, if they like it..they will tell you, if they don't they wouldn't come only advice is this:
Write what you feel like writing..whether it's about the essence of life, or whether we believe "I can't believe its not butter" is really what it claims not to be!

The point again is..with due respect to answer those questions..and we'll like it anyway you put it..otherwise..we wouldn't keep coming back!

Anonymous said...

You are talking this blogging this too seriously, do not make it like homework, write what you like to write and have fun and enjoy :-)

Tamara said...


I will never forget your support from the start : ) I just wanted to give people a chance to say, hey stop writing such long posts ! or stop writing those ambiguous ones! ya3ni I just wanted to see if any one would give me a pointer.

I guess you say I should write what I feel like writing.


Thanks : ) I actually do write what I feel like writing, but as I said to Q I was trying to get some feedback from people, is the corner too serious ! too stupid ! do you think I can write ? something like that.

But You gave me an idea, I'll see how it would look like if I answered those myself.

Abu Shakouush

I admit it an kind of a serious person, I take things seriously, and between you and me I'm a bit of perfectionist !

But I am having fun

All ..

I am having fun, and I will continue to write what I feel like writing : ) I was not planning to drastically change how the corner looks or sounds ...but it would not hurt to put things in perspective from time to time.

Can you please tell me what your favorite post was, that's all I'm asking for : )

kinzi said...

Tamara, forgive me for not checking your blog more often, there are so many new ones (including me now) that I can't get through them if I still want to get housework done.

BUT...let me say, I love this post! You are a person who doesn't blog just to dump thoughts, to rant, to see your name on Google. YOU obviously want to impact your world for good, to make a difference, to use this sphere of influence to provoke change. That is admirable, honorable, and will make me stop by more often!

May God bless you, speak to you, and use you to be an agent of change in the lives of your readers.

Tamara said...


Welcome to my corner : )

I totally understand there are so many great blogs that its difficult to follow all of them, let alone comment on all, I hope you can stop by from time to time you might find something you like here.

And I have to say that I'm very humbled by your sweet words: )

Anonymous said...

You are doing a good job Tamara, maybe you are not profesionalist and that's not important cause we search something close to heart without complications ..pure and simple just like your style..natural posts..that's it..I like too much your corner colors white background,, fonts..what I don't like? I face problem kteer mn el 2aw2at to open your page specially when it comes to comments(sometimes)

Keep it up dear , and as i predicted you (I am wardeh Shammas ;) )your popularity is increasing so corner gonna be Jerash Roma Theatre soon ;)

(Tealover) said...

Hey Tamara :) that was a very ummm .. analytical post ! ..

I honestly find all what you post in your blog interesting to read .. I might have a tendency to like the personal posts more , since sometimes its a shared experience that one have either passed through or will pass through one day . you never title your posts on Subject line :) , but you title them on the post itself , I find kind of a trademark :).. I don't know if you ever considered upgrading to Beta blogger , its somehow easier to handle , with tags and a fun template additions ..

What I love most about your way of writing is that strong , intellectual personality that emits between your words , its a characteristic to be proud of and to be able to share strong opinions .and many things you have brought up , sis actually shed lights on things that one was either forgotten or unknown .. like life makers , for example ..

all in all .. I like being a regular reader for your blog , and I hope I'll always be , and will always drop by even if I was too late to comment , but I always do a recap of what I missed ..
and finally , this was an extremely long comment ! yaaaaaaaah !
P.S .. thank you for that sweet comment :) I shall soon be posting something inshallah ..

Tamara said...


Thank you for the sweet words : )

I did move to bloger beta but still did not do any work on my blog, I'm taking baby steps : ) since I'm a bit computer challenged ! but I hope soon I will make the needed changes …I hope