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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On the day I felt small

This was yesterday I had meeting related to work in Jabala al Naser. I have to admit I don't really know the eastern part of Amman and easily get lost there. So as we drove there from Um Utheina to Jabal Al-Naser I saw the scenery change, from Villas and elegant office buildings to colorless simple houses. I talk about poverty all the time and I know its out there and I'm not a rich person more middle class than any thing. But the view was so overwhelming and sad, but inside I was thinking well I do work to help these people, I do my fair share of my social and religious and humanitarian work.

Then we arrived at the local organization that we were supposed to have the meeting with. In their humble premises that is in coordination with the surroundings, and with complete full time volunteer staff! I mean I volunteer some hours a week and I thought I was on top of the world. Anyways the work they do is remarkable, it's not in the International NGO levels or UN work but remarkable none the less.

So yesterday was a big reality check for me. I saw people living in far worse circumstances than I do, have far less to give and yet they are giving more than I have ever done. I cannot believe that sometimes I see the work I do as a burden that I try to skip or cut corners from time to time.

It was just this Saturday that blew off all my meetings and work for the day, and took off on a picnic! So yesterday was the day I felt small and insignificant.


Anonymous said...

No matter how little the good you do is, you're still great. You're still way better than many people who don't even know how the world looks like on those levels, and worse who know and do nothing.

Give your self a pat on the back, you're doing more than most do, the responsibility is not only yours

kinzi said...

I agree with Q there. Celebrate that you chose to go see, and that you will now influence others to do so. May God bless and empower you as you give of your time to bless others!

An Oriental Blog said...

Just the fact that you're thinking, writing, and feeling guilty about it makes you better than a lot of people. There's nothing to feel guilty about.Seize it as an opportunity to work harder.Although im sure u already work hard:)

Anonymous said...

Well it is about time you feel with other people!! Ok I am just joking, you did a great job just by going there and knowing the "dark side of the moon(Amman)" and like the other guys said any effort might sound small but it is better than nothing :-)

Tamara said...


Thanks for the sweet words, but it bothers me when I know I can do so much more.


Thank you for the warm wishes and sweet words : ) I hope I can do my part.

an oriental blog

Yes I'm planning to work as hard as I can, I just so wish we can buy time. some people try to waste the time they have and I don't have enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do....

Abu Shakuush

First I like your new look : )

Thanks for the sweet words, but the dark side of the moon is not that far from us, I bet a 30 min drive in any direction will take you there and still it seems as another world.

Ammar said...

People in need understand the meaning of giving since both are parts of their own lives, they see it as a natural extention the way they live, sharing the little they have.

Your surprise isn't "surprising", as what you're doing is noble and stems from respect, but realizing that our role might be the smallest in the chain when we see what other people might be doing is only a reality check for us, to be even more humble, more giving, and more sencere.

feeling what you felt means that you're all of the above, make sure to be more of those.

Tamara said...

I do agree with you Ammar, people who live in tough conditions are more sensitive to others needs. this is why they are more prone to give than people who are fortunate to live in good conditions.

May Allah help us to do our duties towards our society.

Unknown said...

Never underestimate your efforts trying to make a positive change around you...many people have never given it a lil thought all through their life...
Btw, you have been tagged, check my blog :D

Tamara said...


Thank you for the sweet words, and thanks for the tag ! : )

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Since you wote this.. it means that you DO care about them.. But maybe time doesnt give you a chance..

Feeling with others is really great, for many others don't care about themselves and are never satisfied.. Al 7amdulillah for everything..

Tamara said...

mrs alramahi
Thank you for the sweet words : )