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Thursday, June 21, 2007


I cannot believe my self, I got to the One hundredth post and I did nothing, it was actually a depressing post! so I said I'm not in the mood of writing about my 100 posts, so I will talk about it on my corner's first birthday, and I missed that one as well !

The problem I'm not in the reflective mood today, but just flickering through my posts for the whole year I can see the ups and downs, my philosophical moods, my analytical moods, and my plain old quarks …so what is the color of your smile kind of thing : )

I feel my corner gives a window into my heart and brains at the same time, I can totally understand your confusion, I started to believe that people have the right to find me strange, I'm cool with that now ! well no one here told me they find me strange, but sometimes " in real life" I get that when someone from work sees me in a social event, some people who know me for years still get surprised from time to time.

I guess this is all for now, not the best piece of writing but I had to mark this post at least it’s a round figure : ) can you guys tell me your favorite post in the corner? Maybe I feel later like using my brain : )


Mala2e6 said...

كل سنة و انتي سالمة و زاويتك سالمة
هدا انتي و انا ب
ينا تقريبا سوى
انتي ب 4 حزيران
و انا ب 29 ايار

انتي 110
و انا هلا رحت شفت

يا لمحاثن الثدف

يتعرفي شو الحلو بالتدوين؟ انه بعد ما يمر وقت بترجعي و بتستعيدي زكريات لاشياء و مشاعر بتكوني نسيتيها مع الزمن

اتمنى لك الفرح ال

and life goes on... said...

Happy 110 post 'Tamara's Corner'!

I like all your posts that were written after the engagement.. maybe because Im living this same phase so It's like you saying what I feel, but mainly because you were reflecting many positive ideas and thoughts.. when I read a positive post it makes me happy and relaxed.. it's as if im getting some positive energy! But in general, I like the way you talk about human feelings and emotions and the way you try to analyse it all.. when you write your deep thoughts too, this is what makes your corner so special!

Anonymous said...

happy BIG 100......and i love all of them :-)

Ammar said...

happy birthday to your blog, and many happy returns of the day.

I share Dima's comment..I always enjoy a post about human behaviour..and recently the ceative side you're starting to show.the past couple of months saw a revelation of the reflective/story telling side..which is always a pleasure to the mind.

Tamara said...


Thanks : ) so we can say great minds blog alike ; p

So your Manshar's birthday is very soon then. and I agree sometime you would forget the some of the things you went through a year and its great to have a reminder.


Thanks : ) if you like the engagement ones there is plenty where that came from ; )

Abu Shakuush

Thanks, and welcome back : )


Thanks : ) I hope I can keep the creative juices flowing, since I would like to see how far I can take it, but technical writing is causing a problem these days.

Mala2e6 said...



my manshar\s anniversary was on 29

w ra7at 3aleeki il 7afleh

the whole blog 3ayyad osboo3..the banner was changed wiht a hat and streamers..lah lah ya tamtam haik ma jeeti?

take alook..

Unknown said...

To start with, congrats on the engagement and the wedding, May the sustainer of the seven heavens make this marriage a blessed one and bestow upon it an ever so lasting tranquility that materializes Allah's eternal wisdome in having men & women meet & mate...

To come and think about it, I was looking for your anniversary post (it's the practice among bloggers, no?) something I managed to get to on my own blog but somehow I dropped out of the "game" immediately afterwards for no apparent reason! But what I would like to stipulate at this juncture is that your writings (through your blog) definitely offers an alternative read in a swarm of imitations and replicated trends and misrepresentations of the entity that is "us"!

Me-humbly-thinks that we (among other bloggers) share a common understanding of Islam and life in general that is essentially inclusive of others; a perspective that stirs away from the hard-to-avoid polarization into the US and THEM dilemma, while maintaining the adherence to its teachings and strive to propagate its methodology and message by means of appliance and not merely self-observed preaching, and therefore I feel largely content that you have kept on "blogging" within that line.

On a final note, this blog's URL uses a very intriguing statement in its address; and that it "labyrinth of the soul", while the blog itself is called "Tamara's corner", I would opt for the former rather than the latter as a blog title, it captures the essence of your varied writings.

Tamara said...


I don't know if you will come back here again, but I just saw your comment and I could not help but say thanks : )

I love your writing and I wish you did more blogging, again thank you for your sweet words.