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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Two Reasons

I did not post for ages! I seem to do that from time to time jut disappear unwillingly for a while. Well I have two reasons for this time, first of all I had to do a LOT of technical writing that my creative part started to quiver into hibernation, This including the fact that I was very busy at work assigned to three different projects besides managing staff.

The second reason is that I got engaged ! can you believe it ? I'm personally still in a kind of a shock myself, he is a great guy my soul mate, we have known each other ( non-romantically) for four years and recently things developed very fast, I'm so happy that one of my friends is now my fiancé. So I'm in the over the clouds and pink classes kind of a phase.

Well I promise from now on more posts, and maybe a bit more details even ; p


Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog and the first to congratulate you on your engagement :))YAY...
May you always be happy and nurture the friendship between you no matter what..
Alf Mabrouk :)

Qabbani said...

mabroook :)

Tamara said...


Welcome to my corner : )Allah yebarik fiki,and thank you for the sweet words : ) 3o2balek if your single

Allah yebarik feek ya rab : ) o n2ool 3o2balak ?

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

tammour! sweety i am so happy for u mabrook w 3o2bali ya rab lol :D

alf mabrook, best relationships bi nazari are ones built on friendship. allah yhanneekum :flowers and candy and zaghrouta!:

Ammar said...

Walek Ya Mabrouk Ya Mabrouk! now that's what I call good news!! although I only know you through this blog, I'm very sure the guy is one lucky dude!

Tamara said...


Allah Yebarik fiki ya rab o 3o2balak ya 3sl : ) there is nothing better " in my opinion" than being in love with someone who knows you inside out and you know him as deeply.


Thanks, Allah yebarik feek ya rab, I say we are both very lucky we connect on so many levels : )

I don't know if your single but in any case 3o2balak and I'm sure you will (or are) make one lucky lady very happy !

Diana said...

This is not my first time here, but first time to leave a comment :)
I want to congratulate you for your engagement. Alf Mabrook.

Tamara said...


Welcome to my corner : ) I hope this will not be your last visit to read or comment.

Allah yebarik fiki : )

Anonymous said...

1000 red roses to Tamara's the happiest news for today..good luck dear:)

Tamara said...

Red Rose

Thank you so much for passing by, o Allah yebarik fiki o 3o2balek ya 3sl : )

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

i SO agree. at least u dont expect major surprises after the lovey-dovey phase fades! lol

even tho i donno u in person bas 3anjad inbasa66elek bannout :hug: all the best inchala :flowers:

Tamara said...


you are so sweet, even though we all don't really know each other, we all share something special. I really appreciate your warm sentiments : )

As for me and hubby to-be, we cannot surprise each other since we have known each other for years : )

Me said...

Tamara, i get so excited when i hear good news like this!! I am really happy for you although i do not know you!
alf alf mabrouk...the best thing is that you are marrying your best friend, keep it that way forever! i wish you the best of everything!!
!! و عقبال كل صباياو شباب البلوجسفير

kinzi said...

Tamara, WOW!! One less lady to pray for a great husband for! Praise God for His goodness. SO cool you were friends first, they make the greatest husbands.

Can you tell us how the sparks first flew? A little love story? :)

Anonymous said...


Oh my god, I feel like one of my sisters just got engaged for some reason! WOW!!!
Alf alf mabrook ... oo ya rab ytammim bi alf khair :)

Oh my god this is the best news!!

Tell your fiance, he's one hell of a lucky guy ...

Unknown said...

Alf mabroooook:) Great news!! And him being one of yr friends for 4 years! Wow this is something:D Alf mabrook ou rabna yitammim 3ala khair:D Wow...this is exciting!!!

theone said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so haooy for you my dear, allah yhaneeki o ydeem 3aleaki el far7a dayman ya rab ... :D

and life goes on... said...

so I saw the picture but was thinking to myself.. could it be? could it be? and then I held my breath, read quickly .. till I got it... hahaha! the best part.. alf alf alf mabrouk, im so happy for you.. now you need to blog more, it's a lovely phase and you'll just be more emotional and creative with your posts! HAHA

Alf mabrouk sweets!

Anonymous said...


Dar said...

Mabrooooooooooook , iza heik ba3teeeki ejazeh kaman 2 months 3eishi :)


Tamara said...


Thank you so much : ) and yes 3o2bal all the bloggers.


Thank you for the sweet wishes, yes Alhamd LILAH always : )we have to pray extra hard for the rest now ; D


AllAh yebarik feek ya rab : ) and seriously 3o2balak, and next time you are in Amman we both would like to meet you, maybe even fix you up with one of our friends your a real catch Q : )


Allah yebarik feeki : ) yes its awesome that we know each other very well and we have the same aims and goals in life, sheikh faye3 zai ; p

the one

Allah yebarik feek : ) thanks


Allah yebarik feeki : ) thanks for the warm wishes


Allah yebarik feeki : ) as if did not write enough about relationships before : ) lol I will drawn you in those, believe me I do need to jolt my creative nerve since my writing skills are in the business mode for a while now.


Allah yebarik feek : )


Allah yebarik feek, so is this a doctors orders not to blog : )

Anonymous said...

Alf mabrook wa tahanina...

Anonymous said...

alf mabrook :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll have great time with each other :)

Tamara said...


Thanks : )


Allah yebarik feek : )


Allah yebarik feek : )

Mais said...

alf alf mabrook happy for you

i think marrying someone you've known so well for all these years is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone

best of luck in ur coming life :)

Tamara said...


Thank you so much, Allah yebarik feeki : ) yes being friends first helps a lot ...

Sam said...

mabrook!!!! :o)

Tamara said...


Allah Yebarik feeki : )

Anonymous said...

hey tamara ! it's mini tamara ..:p
alf Mabroook ..btw this is not my first visit here ..i like this bloG :)

Anonymous said...

hey tamara ! it's mini tamara ..:p
alf Mabroook ..btw this is not my first visit here ..i like this bloG :)

Tamara said...

Mini Tamara

Welcome to my corner : ) o Allah yebarik fiki ya rab

Mala2e6 said...

الف مبروك تمارا

هلا اللي بيخطب بيخبر هيك بكل هدوء؟

كان لازم تقلبي الدنيا

يعني لو ما بدك كان قلت لي و انا بقلبلك ياها

عن جد فرحتلك من قلبي

و الله يتمم على خير

و تتهنوا
و تنبسطوا و تضلو صحاب


يعني حلو الفكرة

و الله يا فلان بدي اقولك شغلة عن فلان خطيبي بما انك صديقي

الله يخليكم لبعض

و بدات موسم الافراح في الاردن و المدونات الاردنية و عقبال كل العايزين

Tamara said...


Allah yebarik fiki ya rab : ) you know I should have told you, you might have made a movie about us : ) lol

and yes 302bal kol elbloggers 2li 3ayzeen : D

Anonymous said...

Mabroooooooooooooooooooook and sorry for being late :-)

I wish you a great luck :)

Tamara said...

Ahlan 7ala, Allah yebarik feeki : )

Anonymous said...

alf alf mabrouk......

good luck tamara

jamila samhoury