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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Think !!

If one thing Amman is a city that is accustomed to detours, why didn't any one think of having detours planned and announced for today!! Thinking out side the box or being proactive would have been two great concepts to use for a day such as today.

People are stuck for hours in traffic, they are leaving they cars and are attempting to walk to their destination or just use public transportation, which is not effective to start with!

I think the person who is responsible for inadequate planning should be punished!!


and life goes on... said...

I had the worst day ever today! and it was all because of the sudden aweful decision to close all the streets!!! I got stuck in Gardens street while i was trying to settle the income tax thing and I forgot a paper at work, I ended up not being able to go back to work to get that paper.. and couldn't get done with any of the things I was supposed to do!!! How can they close all the streets!!! I've heared tomorrow will be the same.. another day is wasted for me :S !!!!

Anonymous said...

yeh elwade3 mo2ref!

am still at work w msh 3arfeh keef 7arawe7 :/

Anonymous said...

thank god i wasnt out, my dad says it took him 2:30 mins from abdali to jbeiha!

let me again remind u of what i once said: we better clean up the mess behind us, because everytime we mess up, one person getting hurt is gonna raise his hand up and make a prayer... alla laywafgo, and that is a terrible prayer if u ask me :s so for everyone whom his daily plans got bad, the one responsible may not be punished (i know he wont) bass alla kbeeeeeeer!

Anonymous said...

ma3alesh ya sabaya .. 6awloooo balkom..

elle besma3 be2ol amman feshe feha azmeh bel summer..

o ba3deen ma heye nos el azmeh be amman men wara bannat..
-ya benet bte3rafesh tsooo2.
-ya taxi bedo yrrakeb benet '3asben 3anha..

always look at the bright sight ;>

Tamara said...


I'm so sorry you had to go through that ! I hope this does not happen tomorrow gain. Its amazing how they did not even consider that they wasted a whole day for a LOT of people !


I know 7ala, my friends got stuck at work till late last night ! I guess I'm lucky I work in Um Utheina on the other side of the whole mess !

Marian Ayyash

Well they got enough prayers to break their back for a year I'm sure, the sheer stupidity of the whole thing is overwhelming !


from the sound of things you did not go out yesterday ! its not just a traffic jam

sweetlikearose said...

i suffered from this decision today too .. it was the worst day in my life actually up till now i'm suffering from the sequences of the closure yesterday .. I don't feel well …allah ysame7hom ..
but whom exactly u wanna punish :P

Tamara said...


I hope you feel better soon, so sorry that so many people had to suffer.

Who ever decided not to do anything to solve this thing before it hurt so many people should be punished !