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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Strange how someone who has never met you before, spells out what you are feeling in such eloquence that you are left speechless, heart torn and lost in their words. You turn on the radio in your car or hear a song on TV and you cannot but be stunned, how someone lifetimes away has simply taken all your feelings, and put them in words you could not have found yourself.

A simple look in someone's eyes can tell you what a particular song has done to them, strange how some sad songs remind us of happy times and how some very cheerful songs would bring a tear to some stranger's eyes, it may make sense to them but what is amazing is how fragile we are, how some words could bring out wounds we thought we have buried a long time ago.

They bring out hidden things, dreams yet not realized, fears yet not materialized, memories both happy and sad, even open a wound that you thought has healed. Strange what a group of words can do to the all mighty humans


Anonymous said...

Wow Tamara.. a lot of mixed feeling got into me while reading this, a lot of sings crossed my mind with each line.. it’s weird how we get attached to some songs, others reminds us of people we really love, or loved once in our life

Ammar said...

Human Experiences are one, the time and place of each experience is the only difference.

Memories, good and bad are triggered by details, and amazingly..with time, those small insignificant details at the time of the actual event, become magnified, and with time, those details are all that remain, scents, songs, foods, places..the mind captures those details without us realizing, and sometime later in our lives those details knock on our doors to make sure we're still they are.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

I really missed reading from you..
I forgot that there's a mirror here..of what i feel most of the times.
It hurts to see the reflection,yrt i believe it's useful.
May allah bless you tamara.

Tamara said...


That is the point we don't notice how many feelings are attached to songs and sometimes smells, its nice to stop and notice


Amazing isn't it ! I remember as kid close to my teenage years my dad got me a perfume and at the time I used it, I was having the time of my life, and for years to come smelling that perfume meant an instant feeling of happiness.


Thanks for coming by again : ) and thank you for the sweet words, I hope you see in the mirror happier things in the future

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

there r no strangers in this world, only souls yet to interwine.. beautifully written tamara, i really agree on the part bout listening to a song that brings u to tears coz finally someone was able to capture the true essence of our thoughts and feelings in the exact words that we feel we know but never came to the right sequence to write down or say..
bless ur sweet soul girl :hug:

Tamara said...


thanks hun : ) glad you related to the post, so what is the song that brought you to tears ? ; p

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

lately, 'osad 3eini' by 3amr diab, and a song by nirvana believe it or not, 'come as u r'.. sometimes waiting is the hardest thing to do..

Miss sea lover said...

wallahi i was thinking of that...waw...u wrote what was in my mind...nice post..

Tamara said...


half the world will hate me for this, but I don't like Nirvana !! but when I like a song by them I know that I'm in a deeeeeeeeeeep depression ! hope that's not the case with you

Miss sea lover

Glad I could write something in your thoughts, that's a great complement ! thanks : )