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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Parallel worlds

Its only recently that I have discovered that I'm easily entertained, walking on the thin sidewalk a foot at a time is a lot of fun. Jumping over larger stones is an adventure, finding a store that is named "3alan" and not finding one next to it named "Fulan" made me laugh out load.

Try to see the beauty and the humor in the small things, its very refreshing to see another layer of the universe that you live in, instead of the grumpy faces of the crowd try to look at the colorful patterns of their clothes, look into the yes of children riding in the car beside you instead of paying attention to the traffic jam you are in.

There is a lot of beauty around us, we just don't take the time of day to notice, next time you walk outside try to look for funny stuff or beautiful things, and I guaranty you that you will find plenty if you look sincerely enough.

I wish all of you a good hunt !


Anonymous said...

What a positive post Tamara :) … I like your spirit in this post, I can feel the energy around when I read it … :)

Tamara said...

Thanks Maioush : )positive things are always arround us we just have to choose to see it.

Miss sea lover said...

good for u...i keep on saying, things r the same, but what counts is the prespective by which each one looks ...if we search for good happy things...we'll find them all around

Tamara said...

Miss sea lover

Glad you agree : ) you find what you look for its as simple as that