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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


My wedding is in 8 days !! do you know what does that mean ?! things are so hectic to the point I'm not sure what hectic is any more, My assistant at work is on vacation and I have to be in the office till the end of the week, which is a few days before my wedding. I have my volunteer work that I do need to do at least a few things a week, actually both me and my fiancé are still volunteering in at least 90% mode. We are starting a Training and HR development company, and we are having our first trainings a couple of weeks after the wedding date, so we are working hard on having every thing ready before the wedding.

Add to that Hinna party for the ladies, house final touches, my shopping, and dress appointments. I tell you I did not know what the hell did hectic mean until now. I know you people got fed up with all the lady bloggers who are getting married writing about hectic last days, but I could not help venting out !!

I am extremely happy al7amd LILAH ! my wedding is going to be a simple dinner party in a nice restaurant out of Amman, as I have wanted always, the great thing is that despite all skeptical people I found a person who agrees with me on this : )

I will let you know more details when I have the time to post.


Mala2e6 said...

a7la 3aroos

alf mabroooooooooooooook..i didnt realise that ur wedding is so soon!!

wish you allthe happiness in th wold dear tamara deserve it :)

Sam said...

wow so seems like u just got engaged yesterday! Mabrook..inshallah tethanbo! i know how hectic it huband's niece's wedding is on friday and everyone is so busy..
but it will be over soon and u will be able to relax!

Tamara said...

Thanks Malale6

ALLAH yebarik feeki ya rab : ) believe me I woke up my self the other day and realized how soon the wedding was !

Tamara said...


Allah Yebarik feeki : ) The engagment is a little bit more than 2 months, which by the way just flew by.

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

ya alf mabrook nchala! so happy for u girl :hug: nchala a magical start to forever :)

Anonymous said...

Mabrook and good luck.

kinzi said...

Tamara, such a sweet time in life!! I was just browsing through Dima's photos, so beautiful!! God bless you and give you peace in these wild days.

Who-sane! said...

1000 mabrook! Wish you the best of good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Tamara ... A7la 3aroos !
My god .. This is so great, and such great news ... I don't knwo where to start or how to express. But I'm Soooooo happy for you

Allah ytammim bikhair ya rab

Maioush said...

Great!!! I didn’t know that your wedding is soooooo sooooooon!!! Alf Alf mabrook 7abeebti, I’m really happy for you, god bless you, you are working too hard walahi, I mean your job and the wedding?? Ya3teeki alf 3afyeh :) … allah yhaneeki o yese3dek o ytamem 3ala 5ear ya rab :) .. mabrook again ya amar

Tamara said...


Thanks ya 3sl : )


Thanks : )


Thanks Dear : ) I will share photos Inshala

Who Sane

Thanks, and welcome to my corner : )


Thank you or the warm feelings : )


Thank you for the sweet words : ) believe me I forgot myself how soon the wedding was !!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know about this company, I'm interested in HR and worked in this field for two years ;)

Anonymous said...

eish eish! company w ma company, did u marry into a corporation? :D
esma3ee, dinner party in a restaurant is a great great idea, but if u had to deal with skeptic people about finding someone who agrees, agollek? 3omree ma ra7 atjawwaz! my idea of a wedding is 10 times simpler than that! and i am convinced (despite the skeptics) that i will find someone who agrees... beddeash fostan 3oros! bedeash music, bedeash hotel, beddi restauarnt, fooood food fooood and zaffeh masrieh... lots of cake :) beseer?

Tamara said...


I will post about the company after the wedding inshala : ) so every one can know about it.

Maryyam ayyash

Walahi inek btifhami : ) I know you will find the right person, honestly if its not the right person its not worth it !

And its not a corporate thing, but this is the business we are both can work in, guess who I have in mind to design our logo and stuff ; p

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

wow! alf alf mabrook! thats the best "hectic" stage of life.. Allah yewaf2ek!

فواز مبارك البوعينين said...

That’s what I am looking for

To see Tamara feeling good and happy in this life. It’s difficult to describe my feeling but what I know is , I really happy today
Mabrooooook Tamara

I will never forget you
Fawaz Mubarak