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Monday, December 17, 2007

Blank page

Blank page

Its that time of the year again. With all the parties, food, sweets and new year resolutions, one has to stop and think! Some think about the holiday pounds, some lament the passing year, some plan for the future. I find myself not to be any of them. You see I still feel a bit dizzy from the changes in my life and work.

I cannot help but feel that every day is a gift and a struggle at the same time. I stand one foot in this year that still has reminiscence of my old life, and another foot crossing the door to the New Year that has everything new in it. It has no recollection of me alone, of the way things used to be. A blank page if you wish.

Looking at the blank page, I feel happy for the new and exciting things that I can write in it with hubby, yet I feel a bit out of balance since I don't have a formatting to use in writing the page. This way I can be creative and free, but with all the uncertainties that come with this freedom. Nothing is perfect I guess and adventure has its perks.

So this year, no resolutions I'm buckling up and enjoying the ride!

Happy Eid, Merry Christmas…. Enjoy the food and sweets and your family and friends …but most of all enjoy sleeping in : )


Anonymous said...

Happy holidays babe :*

and life goes on... said...

Happy Holidays!!! I thought Im the only one who doesn't want to be like everyone else.. i hate to plan for the next year, i hate to look back too.. i just live it day by day and enjoy! I always wonder how some people can do it.. they would say we enjoy the end of the year because it makes us think about what happened and plan for what will happen.. i never thought about it this way :S and thought im weird.. guess not :D

Maioush said...

Happy holidays dear, wish you a wonderful and amazing year, best of luck for you and your loves ones :)

Unknown said...

"No Resolutions"! Nice theme for a new year:)
Kol saneh ou into salmeen...

Tamara said...


Happy holidays to you too : )


I guess I do a lot of thinking all the time, them comes the year end so I can just sit back and relax

Happy holidays : )


Thanks for the sweet wishes : ) happy holidays to you too


I glad you agree ; p care to join me ...O inti salmeh : )

Sam said...

happy holidays tamara..

Led Zeppelin said...

happy 3eed

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays Tamara

Tamara said...


happy Holidays to you too : )


Happy 3eed to you too : )


Happy holidays to you too : )

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays and happy eaid

Me said...

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy 2008. Enjoy!

Maioush said...

Happy new year Tamara :)

Tamara said...


Thank you so much, I wish you all the best : )


Happy New Year : ) may it bring you all the happiness