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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Are you an Atheist ?

The following article was written by a friend of mine, in an attempt to assist an acquaintance on his quest to the truth, I thought it may help many people (though not many read my blog)

Reading the article and truly understanding it, will take some soul searching and a truthful look into the depths of the of your beliefs. This is not an easy ready material….enjoy

Obligations of Truth

Where do you lead yourself by declaring it as an atheist? The answer to this question is that you don’t know. For no matter how much knowledge man can have, the answer to this question would still need more. So can any human being with our current state of knowledge declare the ability to set up the ‘truth’ of absence of a creator to the universe and be sure to where this ‘truth’ will lead self and others? The answer is NO. For human knowledge to be regarded as truthful has to be evidence based, only researchers know how difficult it is to derive causation to a small thing like a disease from its associations, then how would it go to the causation of the universe, no scientist with enough appreciation to the truth of his mission would hold the responsibility to such an allegation. The more knowledgeable a person is the more appreciative of his ignorance.

The secular west was so self reflecting in clearly declaring its ignorance to the larger facts of life. It offered the members of its system the insurance of living according to truthful knowledge reached by humans so far, bypassing to a great extent the injustice of being judged by human ignorance. And following the known truthful rules of universe serves very well in contemporary aspects of life, but there it stops. Regarding larger truths of life, its members are left unguided, leading their lives with their own misconceptions and human ignorance regarding religion and God, and ignorance serves nothing in truth.
So clearly declaring myself as not enough knowledgeable to declare this world as atheistic, probably I should make a detour.

Instead of declaring myself as an atheist, deceived by the allure of holding an existential knowledge that I don’t really have, I would rather link my existence in all its levels, proceedings, and abilities for knowledge with an existence that holds knowledge to all this universe and where it goes, ALLAH.

An existence not created by my fantasy to a greater wholesome view of the world and truth but an existence of which humanity was always given updated information in all the successive messages talking about the creator of this world culmination in the last message of Islam with its well preserved words of wisdom conveyed from ALLAH to humanity in the Qor’an.

This link liberates one from constantly being restrained by the small space of human knowledge or from being led astray to the mischief of the larger space of human ignorance.

It also Frees humans from being enslaved by non truthful gods of ignorance (polytheism) to submitting to THE ONLY who holds the causes of this world, rather than fighting the enslaving non truth of polytheism by another non truthful allegation of atheism.

By keeping up to this link, I know that humanity can get the utmost benefit of knowledge, a knowledge not only serving for contemporary life, but a knowledge that serves humanity now and hereafter.

After all this, a question remains for your to answer: is it truth and true knowledge what humanity is seeking by claiming atheism or is it a trial in human history to flee the obligations of truth?


Devil's Mind said...

Are you really serious with what you wrote? No offense please, but it seemed like a flawed argument u have!

Instead of declaring myself as an atheist, deceived by the allure of holding an existential knowledge that I don’t really have,
Seriously, the logical conclusion from the previous paragraph doesnt make sense (to me)... You say that since you cant be sure that God doesnt exist, then u can be sure that he does?! how come?

While reading that paragraph i thought the conclusion would be to be an agnostic, which (i think) is the more logical conclusion from that statement!

It also Frees humans from being enslaved by non truthful gods of ignorance
So u'r saying that believing in one untruthful god (monotheism) is better than believing in many untruthful gods (polytheism)? Not just that, but also better than having no untruthful gods at all?

Tamara said...

Devil's Mind

First thanks for the visit and the comment; I want an article that tackles atheism that makes sense to people other than me. Your comment will hopefully help on the way to accomplishing that.

Now to the point. The logic in the article is not " that since you cant be sure that God doesn't exist, then u can be sure that he does?!" it is that you don't know and can't possibly know there is no God, so if you are seeking true knowledge not just trying to escape the obligations that you may not like associated to the truth….then you should try to take the next step and study the words and guidance we have received from Allah by his messengers…this is not a five minute plan it is an invitation to study religion and then judge to the fact that it is wrong or right ?

I mean if truly a person is seeking the right path and knowledge they would give the time and energy into the study of religion for their own and not only read the fast food versions of books that do tackle these topics.

As for the second point, it means that a person seeking knowledge and understanding should not base his convictions on the basis of the very restricted knowledge of humans, but try to reach and understand a higher form of knowledge.

Bottom line: The only point I'll be very happy to just make…you cannot be sure there is no god …. Then try to study the words claimed to be from the creator of the universe and then make your final decision.

Hope this makes sense. I'll try to have the writer of the article to comment as well.

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum

Very nice article ukhti. I would like to add that the very nature of humans being dependant is enough as a proof of god. If we, as a human race, are in need of, say, plants to survive, and plants need mud, and mud needs water and so on and so forth. The fact that the whole universe is fragile produces the need of an independant entity out there that is not in need nor reliant or related to anything else to keep everything together.

A more simpler proof of God is the creation of the universe. Scientists generally agree that the Big Bang created the universe and if that is so, then what created the Big Bang? It's an issue of cause and effect. What ever the nature of the Big Bang is, what exactly caused it? If someone comes up and says "so and so cause it" then what caused this so-and-so? and so on and so forth. There has to be a point where an eternal being, an entity that has no begining, should have started everything.

Again, great article.


Osaid Rasheed said...

Athiesm is an idea, and I dont think its a way of ' escaping from truth ' or seeking truth as the article said.

The problem with todays secular world is not with religion anymore. Secularism states that it accepts religion. Accepting it doesnt mean saying its true, they just admit its presence.

Thinking, unfortunately, would support the secular point of view which states that religion has brought humanity so many comlications and problems, fist of which the idea of : i am true everyone else is wrong, the holly and religious wars, etc etc.

I dont know where can we stand, but at least I believe in god !


Tamara said...


I beg to differ with you. Thinking will not support the secular idea. Deep thinking and taking a deeper look at the universe and at history of humanity will lead to us in the right direction.

But instead of looking for proof of your ideas look for the truth.

Thanks for visiting…

Osaid Rasheed said...


This is my point : belief and truth are not related to thinking and proofs.

good day