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Monday, June 12, 2006

PAIN ....!!!

I hear by will give a gift …no make that a great gift to whom ever gives me any good news !! this is so frustrating that I cannot begin to describe how frustrating

I have a killer back pain …I'm kind not to happy with my parents….I'm so pissed off that I cannot even talk to any of my friends ….I cannot hear any one complain about any thing or I will snap…I'm so past the deadline on several projects at work ….

So to add to my fury I check out a couple of bloggs on Jordan Planet…and there it is more bad news ….Jordanian MPs are pro terrorism Oh ALLAH!! Do they even know Islam ….I have no words

Rarely in life do I have no words ….I'm just boiling angry and I just cannot seem to cool down…..

I know I'm rambling …not even eloquently but I just had to scream it out in cyber space in a desperate attempt to ventilate the steam that is cooking my brain and clouding my eyes

That's all for now ....

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(Tealover) said...

This is porbably a late comment for this post , there are good chances that you wont even see it :) .. but I have to say , I go through this phase every now and then , not all the time , but there are times , where i can copy/paste your words and they will apply on me , just like that .

I know the feeling , when you are soooooo pissed of sooooo many things , still , you cannot put your fingure on a one major reason drives you to feel this way , especially when you look around you and see that you are doing much better than other people on this planet do.

its on those times that nothing works out , no friend or parent talk .. you simply feel like running away - at least mentally- to some other place with no interferance from anyone else , venting all your frustration where no one sees or hears you , only then and after that , you can go back and start living again