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Sunday, June 04, 2006

To- Do lists ….

I was preparing my ever so long daily to-do list, while doing that a question popped to my mind… why don't we have a to-do list that is more about our soles and lives than about chores and work related reports??

So I decided to write a to-do list for my life. Things that I feel that I have to accomplish before I die….mmm not an easy task it takes a lot more sole searching than, thinking " will my boss have my head if I don't deliver this –mind squeezing – report before the end of the week or not??"

Consider your selves cordially invited to write your own true To-Do list, I mean cammon people you have made millions of them so far! even if not like me on a shiny piece of paper, that screams at me every time I decide to just serf the web. But you have at least told your self tomorrow I will do this and that ….well what if tomorrow never comes?( I know a bit melodarmatic) what are the things your going to regret not doing …put it on your list.

Now I will run away before I really go philosophical on you (Yeh I can)

This is a list of 10 things I must do before I die, this is only a draft nothing final yet. I have to start somewhere.

10 things I must do before I die

1- Go bunjy Jumping or Sky diving
2- Visit Italy (not with a tourist group)
3- Perform Hajj
4- Fall in Love
5-Leave a real legacy (or something useful for the generations to come)
6-Ride a motorcycle
7-Wirte a book
8-learn photography
9-Camp in Wadi Rum (yes believe it I never did)
10- Open my own business

This is all for now ….

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