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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Sense of belonging ….

I just have to write in tribute to all my friends at "Life Makers" the young organization we established almost a year ago.

At one time doing something good for our country and nation was a mere dream that we have all shared. After the agonizing waiting and meetings and hard work life makers was born. I'm not writing today about our plans or projects or work, today I'm only contemplating in the joy we all share in the sense of belonging to each other and to our mutual dream.

It is one of the great joys in this world that I think I did not really appreciate until yesterday, recovering from hard times seeing all those friendly and loving faces, seeing the purity of their hearts beaming out of their eyes…I could not but count my blessings and feel a sense of relief in their presence.

I cannot put a conclusion to this because its an ongoing story that we all write the pages of….I'm just so happy and extremely lucky to have all the Life Makers in my life.

All for now


Anonymous said...


You're not talking about sunaa3 al 7ayaa for Amr Khaaled are you? Doing the government's job for them while they keep on eating off our plates?

Tamara said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...yes I'm talking about Sonna3 al 7ayat.

I'm not sure I share your views, but in our belief change starts from the bottom up and we are doing our share towards our Ummah.