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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I wish I did not know….

Still looking at my screen I reach to my hand bag and get out my lip balm, I love this one its so nice looking and smelling and tasting. I apply some and get back to work. This probably describes something you have done " ladies " million of times so far. But a thought came to mind what is this made of ? so I googled the ingredients of my lip balm and boy O boy I wish I did not!!

Polybutene, petrolatum, lanolin, ceresin, lanolin oil, BIS-Diglycery, polyacyladpate-2,benzyl, benzoate, isopropyl palmitate, stearalkonium hectrorite, ozokerite, limonene, citral, saccharin, propylene carbonate, linalool, benzyl salicytate, benzyl alcohol.

May contain : Micra CI 77019, titanium dioxide CI 77891, Iron oxides CI 77491/ CI 77492/ CI 77499, Yellow 5 lake CI 19140, Red lake CI 15850

These are the ingredients, in short they are PETROL, WAX from SHEEP HAIR and several things from citrus peels. So I have been liking for so many months Sheep wax egh !!

Now people lets concentrate this is lip balm !! not even lip color or hair product, this is as basic as things get in the cosmetics world.

I would hate to find out what all those other things contain.

All for now ....


Anonymous said...

I don't care much for these things as it's mainly for women, yet I think women get sucked up so easy with these products. You can replace all of these with glycerene
which is the byproduct of the saponifixcation process. it will keep your lips moist especially in winter. If you like you can add i can send you a simple formula without having chemicals that may have side effects, or preservatives and colors....
Resort always to nature as it has all what you need and more and on top of it it does not harm you in any way or fashion

Anonymous said...

What leads you to believe that it's Sheep wax? It's of "Animal" origin, and there's a high chance it's pig fat (pigs are known for their fat)
In addition to that, animal blood is used in most cosmetic products, that explains the price being paid to actually manage this waste and getting it redirected to cosmetic and therapeutic products.
Last and not least, most other minerals and chemicals would probably kill you if taken in larger quantities ... ! Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

hmm ,
thanx for the info.
and wish u find an alternative :) as abdullah say
"Resort always to nature"

c ya

Anonymous said...

When I am using cosmetics it doesn’t matter to me what it is made of.. it is interesting to know what’s in it but I only care about the finished product. It looks good, tastes good and it will not harm me...sheep wax, pig fat or whatever, I use it for enhancement and this is all that matters..the finished product and how it works out for me

Anonymous said...

Well .. after knowing the ingredients .. will you stop using it ? :)?! ..

Tamara said...


Women love these products, well glycerin can replace lip balm but what about every thing else we use : ( I wish there is a producer that will produce safe stuff for us.


You have mentioned this before, but lanolin is actually wax from sheep hair, you can Google it its not animal fat so it would be from any animal. but I agree we could have very possibly used pig fat in our lives !! Yuki thought


Nice of you to pass by


I have to admit that bottom line we all kind of feel this way, if any thing we know all products contain chemicals but we still use them. but its never a good feeling finding out in detail.


I did not use it since yesterday or today, but I did not throw it out either ; p

Anonymous said...

Men know how much cigarittes are bad but still could not quit, whn they stoped maybe I'll think to leave makeup ;)

Tamara said...

Red Rose

I wish that only men smoked then it woule have been ( nos mseebeh)

: ) it would take a lot for women to stop wearing makeup a lot more than sheep hair wax : )

Anonymous said...

you know what the disgusting part is? They are on our lips.. so it isnt like we only absorb them but we swallow them!!

Tamara said...


Tell me about, it its very crazy what we do to keep out lips soft and shinny !

welcome to my corner : )

Anonymous said...

Coming back again to the subject, Allah made us without the need for lip gloss, and once your lips have problems then it will be clear to you that you have a skin health issue. Then you need to take care of it by your diet, and if it was some kind of disease by resorting to your doctor. Most normal men love natural beauty in a woman, so if women resort to make up that's because of insecurity within, you gals may disagree with me but that is my firm opinion.
As for the the compostion itself from what I see of ingriedients the only thing that concerns me is what I have mentioned earlier.

Lanolin certainly has no relation with Pigs, as it's the wool oil that comes from the sheep, I know that not because I googled it, but from first hand experience, as it has caused Contact Dermetitis for me when I came in contact with any woolen product in my childhood. Al7amdullilah I out grew it now.

Again any health conscious person should consider the natural alternative to all these synthetic carcinogenic chemicals that will alter our bodies and cause it ailment.

Tamara said...


I do agree with you that women who are not confident usually fall pray to all the exterior illusions that will make her feel more beautiful, so she can hear the praise, but that is not only cosmetics it’s the way they dress, move, talk and every thing about them say they are not confident of who they are. But things are not that simple there are many complications to the reasons women use makeup …

Mala2e6 said...

I've known that long time ago but i really don't care..eveything we use,not only make up is quaetionable and from unknown sources,and if the source was written it would be in so fine print..

check chips,cornflakes,coffee mate anything..even cola has no cola inside..just co2 and caramel and here u go...
don't let ur lips chip. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara :)

you are tagged .. check my blog .. and this one is real easy .. check my blog !

Tamara said...


This is very true almost every thing we use, eat and drink is polluted, but not knowing exactly what is wrong with the things is easier for us to handle...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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