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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pre Eid Rant .....

People in Jordan are really mixed up on what civilization is. Really they should like take courses on what does it mean to be a civilized person. The other day I was at the mall in one of the larger clothing shops, where due to the number of shoppers you have to stand in queue to get to the cashier to pay. so I'm peacefully standing in line though I was running late, and this lady stands between two queues and cuts in !! what does your well done hair or expensive clothes mean if you act like someone who just walked in from the caves.

Yesterday on my way home I passed by one of the large grocery shops, again I had a few things so I stood in the fast lane, which by the way says in both Arabic and English 10 items or less!! can you people read, what is wrong with you ?! a nice lady was standing before me in line and she had like maybe five or six things in her basket. But the man in front of her had a cart full of things. I look at him in disbelief as he talks to the cashier saying something about an item that it was on sale and a couple of words spoken in English in an a miserably attempted American accent. What !! you try to show off that in at point in time you lived in the states, and you try to pass through the fast lane. Do you think living abroad makes and automatically civilized person, even though you act like a @##%$$ !

What is wrong with people when are they going to learn to stand in queues like normal people do? And respect other people and don't shove a full cart through the 10 items or less cash register.

I had to post this rant this made me so angry yesterday, and besides I had a root canal today so this may explain the need for a negative post to come out. Any way I really wish people in Jordan would stop being so darn superficial.

This is probably the last post for a while …so happy Eid …Happy new year …

All for now…


Anonymous said...

Tamara, i love your post!!!
i hope you feel better now that you spoke your mind...take care and have a wonderful Eid and a very happy 2007.

Anonymous said...

Well Tamara, take it easy...

beside this civilized act you can find some women or men while waiting in banks smoking front of your face, they think it's part of *@#$%&

happy new year Tamara 4 u & ur family.

Anonymous said...

YA 7abeebi .... You want people to stand in queues!!
You need to stop day dreaming... it's hopeless

Anonymous said...

I see that happening all the time .. and I always feel that this 10 items or less queue means the exact opposite , because every time I happen to pass by those big stores to get a thing or two .. i find that line CROWDED ! .. and what pisses me off more is that no one of the employees would say something to the one with that 30+ items ..

same thing when you are on a traffic light , and then you find to your far right taxis and other cars pushing themselves so that they wont stop way behind , thus taking your turn !

I am not optimistic that this will ever vanish from ppl here .

Anonymous said...

This is all too common in Jordan, sadly. It's one the biggest things that bother me when I visit, and I never just let people cut in line. I always call them out on it, and of course they're shocked that I would do that. I think we all should though. Maybe then some people will learn their lesson.

Anonymous said...

Being civilized..or a state of mind, a fruit of how someone is brought up, respecting people, respecting time, and place..people will always act like &%%&£$%^ because when they started acting like one stopped them, or taught them otherwise!

Ignorence is not as dangerous as the illusion of knowledge..that's the real disaster!

Anonymous said...

first of all about the 10 pieces line at the safeway i think at the right sa7 !! ;P i faced the same setuation when i was holding only a gel and a cola and choclate and the man who was infront of me was having in his cart the whole safeway lol :P
3adi goes on hollay civilization

happy eied and happy holidays

Anonymous said...

If you believe in the civilized way you would have stood up for it, and demanded that person leave the line immediately by calling on the manager to come and inforce it. If we see something wrong we should change it. I am sorry to say that you reaction was negative by saying or doing nothing then.Happy Eid!

Tamara said...


Thanks : ) I'm glad you liked and I think I spoke the mind of many people
Have a great 2007 : D

Red Rose

You are totally right there are many rude things people do, and smoking is annoying and dangerous at the same time !! I wish you a wonderful 2007


I don't agree its not hopeless, if we all stop settling for anything besides civilized behavior people will have eventually to change.


I strongly believe that change is possible. But yes driving in general in Jordan is a challenge


I totally agree with you, I call people on their behavior…do you know the look that they give you when you complain…its like chill what's your problem why are you so uptight kind of look, then I'm just ready to punch them in the nose !

And welcome to my corner : )


Ignorance is not as dangerous as the illusion of knowledge..that's the real disaster!

This is so true ! and yes we should not just take it, if we all say something hopefully we will learn one day.

Welcome to my corner : )

Feras Othman

Happy Eid to you too ….
Please don't say its 3adi, every civilized person should say something so others will learn or be forced to act like a human being !


Sorry of I gave the illusion that I let these things slide by… I don't ; ) I believe change will happen if we complain enough

Welcome to my corner

Anonymous said...

Hey Tamara kol 3am w ente bekhair w happy new year raghm enha ejat met2akhreh :)

Tamara said...


kol saneh o inti salmeh la 2ahlek o a7babek yen3ad 3aleki bil si7a wilsalameh : )

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