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Monday, June 25, 2007

Activities for couples in Amman

We all know this all too well, Amman does not have enough non-food related outlets. So since Mohammad and I have been going out daily you kind of run out of places to go, bearing in mind we don't want to triple our waste line by the wedding day, so we try to find places and things to do without food involved, so I'm attempting a list of things you can do in our beloved Amman, and by the way you don't have to be a couple to try these friends can use the extra activities.
1-Movies: this is the classic choice, its refreshing you can see a light movie and laugh together, or you can see a conversation provoking one depends on your mood .

2- Balling: if you are a fan of the game or not its very nice idea for going out, and we now have at least four balling alleys.

3-Picnics: I love picnics! you don't have to pack a lot of food or any thing, just a rug and some munchies and fruits and off you go, you can spend a very nice romantic afternoon or a whole day, try " abu Elsus" or " wadi al shita" if you live in west Amman they are less than half an hour drive.

4- Walking: taking nice walks in Amman is a challenge, but you can go to several places, the "Hussien Park" is a very nice place for walking, the later the less crowded. If you are fond of old Ammine houses like me, a walk in " Jabal Amman" looking at houses is a great walk, you can choose any thing you like, we even walked a couple of times in down town Amman, walking into quaint little shops. Bottom line walks are great and venues are plenty.

5- Stay at home: it’s a good atmosphere for talking without laud music, it’s a nice bond with his or your family, look through each others photo albums, or listen to music, read a book together "this could be done in the picnic as well"

6- shopping: shopping together for your future home, or something that one of you need, its great fun! And it’s a very bonding activity; believe me you will learn a lot from shopping together.

7- Check the social calendar in the news paper: you will find art galleries, foreign film festivals, and some other types of activities, granted the choices are limited but you will find choices to take you away from cafés and restaurants.

8-Road trip\ drive : From the suggestions of Dima and Qwaider, taking a drive out of town to a favorite destination " dead sea" or " Madaba" for example, while listening to your favorite music.

These are kind of general ideas, you can mix and match them to get your own favorite pastime together. Going to try out a new restaurant or café is fun, but spending all your time there is not healthy so finding additional activities is essential to me at least.

If you have any more ideas please share and I will add them to the list so we can have a list that is more comprehensive for fun activities in Amman.


and life goes on... said...

consider road trips.. (dead sea would be a nice option) as you said there are few non-food related activities, which can get quite boring with time specially for couples who've been together for a while before getting engaged. After we got engaged, we didn't go anywhere! we were so bored from all the places (which can be counted on your fingers and with the few limited choices one can have), so for us staying home was the most fun!!!

But you mentioned them all I guess!

Anonymous said...

stay at home and bounding with your/his family is the best thing in my opinion, but if too much that would become boring.

hmm for me shopping with my girlfriend is a disaster!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh ... you too ...
Keep rubbing it in for the poor souls who are still single !!

Boo hoo hoo!

Best couples activities EVER!

Drive around, listening to your favorite song, blasting at THE MAX, while being crazy and singing with it... best part.... BE OUT OF TOWN while doing it!! :)

(try it.... I'm dying to...)

Tamara said...


Road trip is a great idea ! I will add it to the list, thanks

I can totally understand some times staying at home is the most fun, someone should really consider investing in something other than restaurants in Jordan.


I agree staying at home is important, but its one of the options as you said it may go old fast as would anything else, this is why I'm trying to get a variety.


Sorry I had the feeling that I'm going over bored with the engagement stuff ! but great idea about driving with good music.

Anonymous said...

i love road trips! love driving the car in amman, in the middle of a traffic jam, as long as its not hot weather, no music, except me cursing and yelling then secretly smurk! drive from 8th to 1st, to batata getting a pack of potato with oregano dip, back to 2nd and getting shawerma reem... oh wait, that involves food... well for the love of god why would driving be fun if i dont have something to eat while doing it... :)

Tamara said...

Maryam Ayyash

Its been ages since I went to batata : ( driving arround and talking is enough for me skip batata and Reem, well not every time ; p

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

u know what i found out, best thing to do is everything u do!

but to be more specific, staying at home can be fun, playing board games like monopoly w having a laff at urselves when u go bankrupt :D, renting vids and making popcorn and just being laid back, the idea is to get comfy with one another in a closed space, so that married life wont be inno mest7eyeen w mish ma5deen 3a ba3d..

i love the movies to be honest, go to those arts and crafts places if any, u know where u can paint on mugs and plates and let ur inner child show lol its so much fun! if not, u can always buy hadol il jarrat masalan or just a plain old glass plate and some paint and get creative together :D

Tamara said...


Seems every one is voting for the stay at home thing, board games sound like fun we may try it and let you know how it goes, though I'm a chess kind of girl and a four hour game with my fiancé sounds like a stretch on fun ; p

O and If I mention to him lets get creative ! I don't think paint and glass will come to mind : )

Mais said...

believe me it's the case everywhere not just in Amman!
i say the same thing about Abu Dhabi enu can't we do some activities that doesn't include food? :p

but i liked your list and i'll keep it for the future who knows ;)

Tamara said...


I guess the whole Arab world is like that ! hope things will change soon.

And I hope you will need the list soon : )