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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On a day like today

If you visit my profile page today you will notice a slight change, yes that is right I turned 29 today! I'm I freaking out ? yes a little bit : ) but they say age is just a number and what matters is how you feel, I feel great that is not the problem, and I don't worry how I look since if I'm as half as lucky as my mom I will get to my fifties still looking 10 years younger than I am, so that is not a problem, the problem is what have I accomplish, in the 29 years I have dwelled this green earth.

Sometimes it feels like a lot, and sometimes it feels like I'm still scratching the surface of life, did I do all the things I have to do in this life, No ! did I learn all I want to learn, NO ! have I left a mark in this life? thinking Addison I would say no, looking at all the people I know I would say, yes ! But as life has its ups and downs I'm not really sure.

I just have hope against hope that I am growing, I don't want to flip the pages of a calendar and say I have grown a year. I want to taste life, ponder, learn, observe and grow. Did I grow a year in this last year? I did learn a lot ….things have changed for me in so many ways, I can honestly say yes I have grown a year this year. This does not mean at all that I have reached my goal, but it feels warm inside that I'm growing.


Me said...

Happy birthday and many more!
i was sad when i turned 29, i felt that i was aging a lot...that was the only birthday i was sad about, but now, i feel i am blessed that i am still alive, healthy and happy! Wish you the best of everything in life.

Anonymous said...

WOW tamara, me and you on the same day! :-)

26 june is just a special day for special ppl isn't it? :D

i loved the way you put it tamara, i think the same way you do and looking back at the past year makes me confidentaly say yes i grew a year...i grew wiser for sure!

i think i even learned a lot and got a great experience in the past couple of months that usually needs month to learn and understand :)

Happy Birthday to both of us :))

Anonymous said...

oppss, i mean needs YEARS to learn and understand :)

Anonymous said...

Happy day.

Mala2e6 said...

Happy birthday Tamara..the most beautiful 10 years in awoman life are from 29-30..:)

of course men say this,just to show that women stay 29 forever..

i am sure you;ve accomplished a lot and i wish and hope that u accomplish more and more..

many happy returns

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my dear friend. Age is nothing but a number and 29 is very very young... in fact. You're in your prime :D YEEAAAHHHHH!!! So ... Sanah 7ilwah ya Gameel :)

and life goes on... said...

you and Oriental Arabesque have the same birth date! WOOOW! :D happy birthday dear.. age is just a number what matter the most are the heart and soul ! Hope celebrating with the fiance would make your day extra special and precious ... 3o'bal il mieh ! :)

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Happy birthday to Tamara AND Oriental Arabesque!!

29 was a great year for me. And it just gets better. Dont' give up looking for the best in life. May God richly bless you and your hubby to be as you start moving together in mutual growth and commitment!!

Abed. Hamdan said...

Happy Birthday :D el 3omor kollo insha2allah

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Tamara :)

Unknown said...

Really nice! Have a happy birthday Tamara:)

Sam said...

happy birthday!!

Tamara said...


Thank you : ) I guess getting close to the 30 milestone is scary, but that does not mean we cannot be happy no matter what age.


Happy Birthday my dear : ) yep its a very special day for special people ; p


Thanks : )


Thank you for the warm wishes : ) I guess my best ten years start from today !


Thanks : ) Its not that young but hey who cares as long as I'm happy, and I can still pass for being 24 ; p


Thanks, yes the first birthday with my fiance was really special : )


Thanks for the beautiful wishes : ) I hope 29 is a good year for me too, I guess it should since its my first year with the hubby : )

Abed hamdan

Thank you : )


Thank you so much : D


Thanks : )



PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

happy birthday tammour
happy birthday tammour
happy birthday sweet one
happy birthday tammour!

hope the added year brings u joy and happiness :)

i remember i freaked out majorly when i turned 25, i still feel 18! :D

enjoy! and im sure u will be luckier ;)

Ammar said...

Happy Belated Birthday..ahhhh 29..those where the days!

am I too late for the cake? gimme cake!

Tamara said...


Thank you banut : ) 25 ya3ami enjoy : )


Thanks : ) Cake will be sent to all the participants by email don't worry. lol you make it sound like you are 10 years older : )

Ammar said...

Great..can you make sure mine is chocolate cake..with hot fudge syrup? and a strawberry? and some vanilla ice cream on the side?

well in 8 years it will be 10 years ago! so this comment is as good as new for a bit more time!

now Gimme my cake and co.

Tamara said...


Well here in diet vill we don't even utter the word chocolate and hot fudge! its sacreligiouse : )

Ammar said...

Diet ville?? so they've banned Mansaf and Knafeh?? Thank God I'm in London!!

Happy-fat free-Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Tamara ... Happy birthday Tamara ... Happy birthday Tamara ...Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ... lolololeeeeeeeesh :-)

inshallah el3omor kollo ya rb :)

Tamara said...


Thank you so much : ) you have a nice singing voice : p